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‘The independence you want, the assistance you need’, with this tagline a senior living communities ‘American House’ was founded in 1979. Its vision is to provide high-quality housing for senior at a price affordable for retirees and their families. American House’s mission is to enrich the lives of those we serve, providing an environment that fosters meaningful relationships.
American House is an innovative senior housing company. It helps create sustainable excellence and stakeholder value, with an unparalleled commitment to passionate care provided by compassionate people.

Is An American House affordable?

Senior housing and care can be expensive. And at times it is also complex and confusing. American House maintains a partnership with a variety of senior-focused organizations, veteran organizations, and low-income programs.

Reasons to consider moving to an American House

Relocating at this age is one of the toughest decisions to make for seniors. Consequently, they endure a lot of anxiety. But, moving to an American House can be one of the best decisions they have ever made.
American House communities offer beautifully-designed apartments with spacious floor plans, resort-style accommodations, and furthermore, a number of social activities.

  • Great transportation service
  • Like a hotel but only better
  • Restaurant style dining every day
  • Never a dull moment
  • Access to care

Services and care American House provides

American House provides a variety of services and cares for the seniors. American House provides comfortable and affordable living opportunities for the senior communities with a range of services and care.

Independent Living

Independent LivingAt nearly all of its communities, American House offers independent living beside perfect safety and security. So, the residents appreciate the independence and maintenance-free lifestyle they want.
American House’s independent living residents enjoy a variety of services, including daily meals in a restaurant-style setting, housekeeping, activities, events and scheduled transportation.

Assisted Living

Assisted LivingAmerican House provides more than a few ranges of assistance for its residents who need it. At this point, they provide assistance with meals, laundry, medication reminders, physical therapy, activities of daily living and more.

Memory Care

Memory careAmerican House’s ‘Love is Ageless’ program aims at helping residents live and stay safe throughout the stages of dementia. Thereafter, this specialized program creates a tradition of caring for our residents, imparting assist to their family while navigating the complexities of the disease.

Respite Care

Respite careRespite care is popular for restoration supports after surgery, discharge from the hospital or when a caregiver is away. American House offers respite care offerings for its residents. Also, it presents assistance with things to do of daily living, bodily therapy, ingredients and housekeeping.

Hospice Care

Hospice careAmerican House provides Hospice Care, which typically focuses on both the patient and the patient’s family or loved ones.
The American House Hospice care team is able to offer the best remedies available while avoiding a disruptive go or pointless invasive treatments, which can reason extra soreness or worry.

Enjoying life on own terms

American House offers the privacy and security the seniors need. It also takes care of the independence and socialization they want.
Maintaining a home and health can become a challenge as people ages. American House affords the careamenities, and offerings that make existence less difficult for seniors.


This is a program for veterans to provide compensation benefits and pension-related options to eligible United States Veterans. This program is sponsored by the federal Veterans Administration.

Section 8

Section 8 is a program with federal sponsorship that has specific income guidelines. It provides eligible recipients with monthly financial assistance with a portion of their rent.

Tax Credit

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) is a program that offers reduced rental rates for income-qualified residents. A certain number of units in several of the American House locations are available for low-income housing tax credit recipients. Some of these rents are at nearly half of the market rate.

Shared Housing

Shared Housing is a program where two adults can share a double occupancy suite. This program can significantly reduce the overall cost for each resident.

Communities of American House

American House has communities in three states of USA with a number of 51 houses, and accordingly Illinois, Michigan, and Florida states have American House communities.

Confusion related to the word House

In line with the word, American House is a housing program for senior people in America. But people may easily have a confusion regarding some name that contains House or other similar things. But, American House has nothing to do with those names. They are other independent organizations or a company like American House.

American printing house for the blind

American printing house for the blindThe American Printing House for the Blind (APH) is the world’s largest nonprofit organization for visually impaired persons. With this in mind, it creates educational, workplace and independent living products and services for people who are visually impaired.

American ale house

American ale houseIt is a famous restaurant in Maryland which is especially popular for its delicious sea-food cuisines.

American beach house

American Beach houseThe name has reached beyond its standing as a company as Straw Weisman released a comedy movie in 2015.

American House senior living communities have been serving seniors and their families for nearly 40 years. In addition to this, the company’s aim is to provide exceptional care at an inexpensive price. Offering independent livingassisted dwelling and memory care services, there may be an American House that is proper for the seniors.


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