Bed Canopy

Among all other rooms in your house, bedroom deserves the most utmost attention from you. Why? Because it is the sweet spot where you retreat after a hectic day and expect to emerge and refreshed and revitalized each morning. Arguably, no piece of furniture is more important than the bed itself. Maybe, you have already found the right mattress, the softest sheets and comfortable pillows but it sounds like you are still missing something. What could be that?

Think for a while. If I am not wrong, I hope you understand what things I am referring to. Yes, I am talking about bed canopy. When dozing in an overhang bed, a night of sound rest is guaranteed. It makes a bedroom feel more romantic or luxurious.

It is a new style of bed that has popped-up onto the interior design marketplace. Today, canopy for bed represents an elegant statement piece. Canopy bed curtains can give privacy to couples, offers a sense of protection to children and keep away mosquito from your slumber.

How Did Canopy Bed Idea Evolve?

The ideas of canopy bed evolve more for practical reasons rather than for conspicuous consumption or extravagance. In medieval Europe, nobleman and lord slept in a canopy bed with curtains that completely enclose the bed for warmth and privacy. It is because their attendants often slept in the same room.

No major changes in the design taken place for this bed until the 16th century. However, during this period carved work on the headboard and posts became popular and then more decorative canopy beds followed.

Canopy bed of modern time

canopy-bed-modern-time.jpgToday’s canopy bed comes into two categories. One is traditional and the other is contemporary. Most of the traditional canopy beds follow Victorian-era design. They have either metal rod frames or intricately carved wood frames and posts. They also feature like ruffled, pleated elaborate draping, occasionally with a rather heavy cloth. On the other hand, contemporary canopy beds embrace a simpler design. Modern contemporary bed for example metal canopy bed is made of wood, metal or a combination of the two. They did not feature intricate design on foot or headboards but opted to use sharp and geometric designs.

Different types of canopy bed

Based on canopy sizes, a canopy bed can be categorized into three types:

  • Complete canopy
  • Full canopy
  • Half-canopy

Complete canopy

complete-canopy-bedA complete canopy is usually found on a four-poster bed. The canopy goes around the entire bed parameter as it drapes overall sides. The fabric can drape down either full length or mid-length of the bed. The posts located on the four corners of the bed are used to support the canopy. Top of the canopy can also be customized to have a flat roof or an arched one. The roof is covered with fabric. Fabric can differ regarding weather condition. During colder months, the fabric can be made of heavy materials. While during summer time light settings are used. This type of canopy can easily be detached since its only attachment is to the four posters.

Another way you can make a complete canopy bed is using a curtain rod. An ordinary bed can be turned into a canopy bed by suspending curtain rods on the ceiling around the bed’s perimeter. Then hang curtains on the rods to enclose the bed, making the ceiling the bed’s canopy. You can also leave some space between the rod and the ceiling for air circulation.

Full canopy bed

Full canopyThis type of bed has a canopy hanging from the top of the bed covering the bed only halfway around the sides. The canopy is held in place by the bed’s four posters. It can also be held on the ceiling with the use of hooks or a canopy ring. The ring can be used to drape canopy materials from the ceiling. The result would be a stunning four poster bed but without the use of posts.

A half canopy

This type is also known as shelf or crown canopy. For this situation, the overhang is joined to a divider covering just the leader of the bed. A shelf is attached to the wall. It is covered with fabric that drapes down from the shelf to the sides to semi-enclose the bed’s header. You can choose to mount a wall-lamp under the shelf to have a bed canopy with lights.

How to make a canopy bed (or your next DIY project)?

Of course, buying a canopy bed is that simple in this era of online marketing. What do you want to buy? A king size canopy bed, a queen canopy bed, a white canopy bed? To name only a few, all of them are available on Amazon, Walmart, eBay.

But buying a bed canopy may associate with problems like size, color and budget. And, certainly the risk of matching with your bedroom color. So, it is better to have a DIY bed canopy. Here, we have described how to make a canopy for bed in five simple steps.

Step 1

Purchase four curtain rods with ceiling mounts. They should have different lengths. For example, lengths of two rods should be equal to the lengths of the side of the bed. The other two should be equal to the lengths of the head and foot of the bed.

Step 2

Now, install the curtain roads using ceiling mounts, with screws driven through the screw holes in the mounting brackets. Create a rectangle of curtain rods above the bed by running parallel two long rods along the two sides of the bed and by running parallel two shorter rods along the head and foot of the bed.

Step 3

Buy four curtains or bed curtains with eyeholes or tabs for hanging from curtain rods. Make sure that four of the curtains should be long enough to cover the sides of the bed when paired, and four should be fit the head and foot of the bed when paired.

Step 4

Hang two of the side curtains from each side curtain rail and two from each of the head and foot rails.

Step 5

Group one side curtain with its adjacent head or foot curtain and use a curtain tie or tassel to tie the two curtains together at the corner of the bed. Rehash the procedure on all edges of the bed. For this style of the canopy, the opaque fabric is ideal since the fabric preserves the illusion of the poster bed.


A canopy draping elegantly above your bed brings a luxurious, romantic and regal feeling in your bedroom. Framing your bed with Canopy bed frame make your bedroom larger than it is. Besides, it gives you a cozy, comfy little corner where you can hide from the daily humdrum of everyday life.


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