unfinished furniture

The term unfinished furniture is used for pieces of wood furniture that can be purchased without a finish already applied to them. It is any piece of furniture that is made of raw wood boards and the furniture has not been sealed, painted, stained or treated in any way.

Unfinished furniture is a blank canvas for those who like to turn their furniture into customized pieces of their own. Ranging from cost to refinish furniture to design possibilities, there are a whole lot of reasons people choose unfinished furniture for their home.

Why the popularity of unfinished furniture is rising?

In the past, woodworkers would seal their pieces and do everything they could to keep their woodwork durable and protected from the environment. Woodworking has come so far from then. Today, it has developed into a practice that makes incomplete furniture and offers as it seems to be.

For many reasons, this practice has gained popularity throughout the years. The main two reasons can be described as its low cost and it is easily customizable. Unfinished furniture is likewise an extraordinary thought for families to partake in. On the off chance that different parts of the house require furniture, every relative can redo their piece to influence it to coordinate the room. Everybody in the family can have a say in the outline and keep it novel.

  • More customizable than buying a finished project.
  • Can be designed or painted according to taste.
  • People can their personal touch.
  • Very much affordable.

Why people buy unfinished furniture?

Unfinished wood furniture is great for many reasons. They are often more affordable than prefinished furniture. And its real wood, unlike other cheaper options made from laminate instead.

When people know what they are buying, that fact helps contribute to the growing popularity. While buying these unfinished pieces people can see the original pieces and any other imperfections that finished pieces can hide.

Finished furniture can hide scratches, nicks, discolorations and many other blemishes with paint, seals or multiple coats.

Unfinished furniture can allow buyer’s creativity to come out and personalize the pieces to match their style.

On the other hand, unfinished furniture cuts out an expensive step in the building and finishing process. It generally sells cheaper than finished pieces. Furthermore, whether you paint, shellac, distress, stain, varnish, oil, wax, or lacquer, you get to determine what your furniture is going to look like.

Finishing Techniques used in unfinished furniture

Natural finishes, pigmented finishes, wax polish, staining, glazing and toning, pickling and liming, bleaching, and distressing are some of the wood finishing techniques.

Natural finish

Normal completions, pigmented completes, wax finish, recoloring, coating and conditioning, pickling and liming, blanching, and troubling is a portion of the wood completing systems.

Pigmented finish

Pigmented completes take after paint and can likewise be upset as well as coated also.

Wax polish

Wax polish is rich-looking, and it can either be a finish on its own or usable for polishing up an older finish. It is more labor intensive.

Glazing and toning

Coating and conditioning feature the points of interest in the woodwork and can add profundity to the shading. They are additionally valuable procedures to add age to the piece.

Pickling and liming

Using two contrasting colors to emphasize the wood grain’ pickling and liming are more traditional finishes.


Bleaching lightens the natural color of the wood or it can remove any discolorations. This technique is effective in preparing the piece for picking or liming.


Distressing gives age and interest to the finish, and there are multiple ways to execute this technique.

Besides these, there are many more finishing techniques people apply to their projects. Water-based wood stains, milk paints and glaze, general finishes milk paints, general finishes glazes, general finishes water based top coats, buffing, distressed and antique finishes, distressing milk paints and glaze effects, faux marble, primitive wood grain with wood stains and milk paints, pickling, and color washing are some of them.

Without burning through hundreds to thousands of dollars on a piece they find on the web or in another store, these systems enable the craftsman to make something remarkable that fits with their own style.

Type of woods used in unfinished furniture

Wood used in unfinished furniturePine is the primary wood used in unfinished furniture. The light color of pine takes stains well. It can take on many colors when stained or painted. Pinewood has knots and clearly marked ring growths creating a recognizable grain.

Names of some unfinished furniture store

Names of some unfinished furniture storeAll of the furniture stores today have an unfinished section with the finished projects. So, people can buy their preferred pieces from there. Those unfinished sections provide a large selection of high quality ready to finish furniture.

Some best name in this category are-

Unfinished Furniture Outlet

Unfinished Furniture Outlet of Sanford, North Carolina, provides a large selection of high-quality unfinished furniture.

Pinewood real wood furniture

Pinewood real wood furniture is another trustworthy name when it comes to unfinished furniture. It sells a wide range of unfinished pieces.

The unfinished furniture store, INC.

The unfinished furniture store sells the unfinished furniture manufactured by the best manufacturers in the world.

Sam’s wood furniture

Sam’s wood furniture has been selling unfinished furniture since 1967. And it is one of the best names in the category.


Wayfair is another name in the business of unfinished furniture. It has a wide range of categories of unfinished furniture.

Furniture in Raw

Furniture in Raw is another name of this section since 1977. It provides a large section of quality unfinished products.

Woodworking has been around there for centuries. However, the practice is popular all throughout time, all over the world. Each place and era made this form unique in some way. Over the time the practices, techniques, and tools have become popular today.

Unfinished furniture has gained so much popularity over the time as many business websites pop up when you search for unfinished furniture in your search engine.

There are many different ways to finish a project of unfinished furniture. It may seem overwhelming at first, but all of the options allow people to create a unique kind of piece that may not be common in any other house or office space.


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