Different Types of Mountain Bikes

Nowadays, mountain bikes have become very popular among the new generation. They are more likely to use this type of bike, because they want to drive at the best speed. There are many obstacles that is found on the road where it is hard to ride a normal bicycle. But a mountain bike could help you to get through this problem.

Different Types of Mountain Bikes

If you have already decided to buy a mountain bike, you should know that which type of bike you need to buy as per your needs. Each bike has their own designs to tackle problems like obstacles or terrains. You should know at first that where you are going to ride your bike and what kind of problems you are going to face. Then you could easily choose the right mountain bike for you.

It is also very important to learn about the basics of the design and your ability and riding style. There are many things to know before buying one for you. Here, we are trying to give all the information about different types of mountain bike to make things easy for you.

There are four basic types of mountain bikes. They are:

  • Cross country mountain bikes
  • Trail bikes
  • All mountain and enduro
  • Downhill or DH bikes

1. Cross Country Bikes

Cross Country bikes are very common among the people who want to ride fast. It is a bike that is found in most of the shops. The weight of the bike is very light that makes it speedier than other mountain bikes. The top priority of this bike riders is pedaling performance.

These bikes are lung-busting engine that are made for efficiency and effectiveness. The structure of these bikes are very similar to road bikes. These bikes are especially trade out the downward performance for weight and efficiency.

The wheel size of the modern cross country bikes is 29” that is similar to the size of 700c road bikes. Its weight is ultra-light that makes it easier to travel anywhere. Longer wheelbases and chain stays, stems along with the sharp head angles that is 69 degree or steeper could set the rider in effective climbing position.

The tires of these bikes are more favorable for reduced weight, fast systematic resistance and efficiency instead of durability or control and traction.

2. Trail Mountain Bikes

The main purpose of trail mountain bikes is to enjoy the bike as well as mountain landscape. It is not like the racing bikes. Trail mountain bikes have more suspension, gravity oriented mechanisms such as Chunkier tires that are used for larger brake rotors and better traction.

The geometry of these bikes is more relaxing than cross county bikes. It has wide tires about 2.25”-2.35” and wheels are 29” or 27.5”. It comes with holdup travel in the middle of 120-150mm. The head angles are suitable to various riding styles that is about 66 degrees or 68 degrees. Tires would strike a stability between rolling efficiency, traction and durability.

3. All Mountain Bikes or Endure

Enduro bike riding is different and unique formula of biking that could be the best choice for any rider. Enduro mountain bikes have strong frames and more suspension travel between 140 to 180mm that helps to avoid trail obstacles and you could run through more hard and technical ways.

The category of enduro bikes helps to go up the hill and come back straight down again. Thus, they are heavy due to the stronger frame and it is a bit harder going back up over again through pedaling. Tires should be 2.3” wide or even larger and an adjustable seat post to manage your riding. The size of wheels comes up with 27.5”-29” or the front wheel might 29” and 27.5” in the back wheel. The geometry of all modern endure bikes could give you long wheelbase, relaxed head angle and low end bracket that is very useful for mountain biking.

4. Downhill or DH Bikes

If you want to go just downhill very fast, downhill or DH bikes would be a good choice for you. Such bikes are designed especially for speedy sharp descents; so, their riding style and efficiency are geared to that end. For pedaling faster over the jagged areas, the gears should set high and large. The frame and gears should be more durable that could hold up the pressure. To ride on the roughest descents, there are a chain guard and disc brakes to control your biking when necessary.

It comes with a suspension travel around 170-250mm or more. The head angle is less than 65 degrees and have a low centered gravity. Most riders appreciate using a sticky rubber sole in the pedals because if you use clip in your pedals, you could not leave your bike when something goes wrong.

Moreover, as the riders encounter berms, wooden ladders, rock garden and jumps, they should wear body armor as well as face helmets.

As there are different types of mountain bikes available in the market, you should choose the right and suitable one for you. We hope that this article could help you to get a proper idea about various types of mountain bikes.


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