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Deciding what would be the best texture for your work can be a lot of trouble if you are not properly informed about it. You see, when working with furniture – different wood types gives you different types of texture. Each has its own twist and turns and you has to choose yours perfectly so that it is contrasting with the needed background perfectly.

The experienced woodworkers will tell you that how the value of your furniture can grow or fall depending on which type of wood texture you are using. An old wood usually has the more curvy texture where the newer one has less curvy textures. So there are a lot of things that you need to consider while choosing the right texture.

Thankfully, we are here to guide you through everything you need to know about wood texture.

Different Types Of Wood Texture

Let’s have a look at how wood textures vary from one wood to another.
Cedar is a very scented wood with a brown texture. It has curly texture and it can be very easily manipulated. Cedar is a fine choice if you are looking to use it for your floor surface. It has an average price range and the western red color of it gives it a unique aura.
Fir is usually considered as a softwood so it can be made into fine furniture. Although, the experience woodworkers feel like it is too hard for softwood that’s why it has more durability. It gives a reddish vibe that can be confused with the brown color as well and the texture is smooth and kind of feels like water painted.
Pine is probably one of the most versatile types of wood. The color varies from ponderosa, white, faded yellow, faded brown and so on. These can be used to make furniture that will last for generation after generation. The most important thing about the texture of pinewood is that it is very easy to work with.
Redwood is also a very sophisticated texture. It resists any kind of moisture so the woodworker won’t have to worry about any type of shrinkage after completing his task. The wood is heavy which gives is a more tilted texture. The outer layer contracts perfectly with any kind of heavy colors that the designer might choose to use.


When your design calls for a more futuristic type of look – you can go for the Ashwood. It has a pale white feel to it that allows the user to have more versatility. The color can shift from white to an almost brownish kind of look so you get to have the color variation as well. One downside is that the wood is getting more pricy every day.


Birch is a fine choice for those who are not looking to spend a lot of money for the wood. This particular type of wood will give you intricate textures. The wood is fairly hard so you do not have to worry about any damages. It comes with two trademark color of pale yellow and darker white.


Cherry is one of the most widely used wood for furniture because of its unique scent, feel and texture. It is less hard considering the other types of woods that are available but it still can be very durable. The white or reddish texture give the furniture a very distinguished look to be used in all type of backgrounds.


Mahogany is without a doubt the king of furniture woods. It has the deepest type of texture that gives the furniture an antique look. This wood has a grade 2 rating which allows the woodworker to work on this wood very easily. It is completely immune to water or moisture making it one of the most long-lasting wood in the planet.


Maple is one of the hardest wood on the planet so it is very difficult to work with it if you are intending to make a furniture out of it. But, it works amazingly as a floor wood. The grip of maple and the signature color is unmatched by any other tree. Although a bit expensive, maple is still a great choice.


Being the most used wood material has its good side and bad side. The good side is that you can have one of the most intense types of texture that anyone can possibly think of. But that bad side is that most of these textures are pretty common to find. It is quite hard as well but the woodworker can easily work with it.


Poplar is another great example of cheaper woods. The texture is unique compared with the color of the wood. Beginner woodworker uses poplar as their practice material because working with poplar is one of the easiest things. It makes average grade furniture but you can achieve wonder if you use poplar on the floor.


Teak is one of the most exclusive types of wood as of now. It is very hard to find good quality teak but once you have found it – it will take your breath away. Teak has the strong and definitive texture that exposes it to different types of light. The signature golden brown look is unmatched by any other type of wood.


Walnut has a very distinguished feel and texture. The deep brown color can set the tone for your interior designs. The wood is hardy yet very manageable. So, it resists water and damages at the same time. You can also use it in the floor if you are willing to pay big bucks.

How To Choose The Best Wood Texture?

There are some aspects of the wood texture that you should look after while deciding which one you want to buy.


Check whether the wood emits fresh aroma or not and also look for any kinds of defects in the texture pattern.


Color is probably the most important factor while choosing the right type of texture. Make sure that you have the right color tone of the wood to make the desired furniture.


Look after how much it scores on the durability test. If it scores more than 3 than it is typically a good type of wood and you can rely on the texture.


Make sure that the texture has enough elasticity. Without proper elasticity, you won’t be able to work with the wood properly and get the desired level of curve.


Make sure the wood has enough fibers in it for you to work on. The more fiber the wood has the more intense texture it will get after you are done working with it.


You should also find out the level of grains and how they are contrasting each other. Grains are the important part of the texture and you should go for the wood that has deeper grains.

Contrasting Wood Textures

contrasting woodWhen designing a furniture, it is always a good idea to use wood types and texture that contrast each other. So, let’s have a look at the wood textures that go well with each other

White and Faded Brown

White wood and faded brown wood has one of the most intricate types of contrast. Each of these colors regains its original hue while also highlighting the other color that it is being paired up with.

Red and Dark Brown

Redwood usually does not fit with other woods other than the dark brown ones. The dark brown texture of the wood usually works as a frame for the red one to shine.

Yellow and Red Brown

Yellowwood is one of the most common types of color. So, there are a lot of contrasting options that are naturally available but the red-brown is possible the best option for any situation.

Red white and Faded Yellow

Red white is a very unique color pattern that can only be contrasted with faded yellow. These two texture combined together can give a very futuristic feeling for the furniture.

Mahogany and White

Mahogany is a very strong color and the white wood can be the perfect frame for it. When you mix the mahogany texture with a white pattern, it gives the most stunning glow ever.

How To Change The Wood Texture?

There is some commonly used way by which you can change the texture of the wood to some degree. These are;


You can soak the wood for a certain period of time to change the inner texture of the wood. This is an ancient technique that has been proven very successful in changing the texture of the wood.


Sanding is also a very commonly used technique for changing the outer texture of the wood. You can use some sandpaper or sanding machines to get your wood into the desired type of texture.

Paint Treatment

Painting is another good way to change the texture or even make it better than the previous versions. By painting the whole object according to the need. There is color corrective paint available that are made just for wood textures.


Last but not least, burnishing is also another popular technique for changing your wood texture. You can use burnish oil to fix and change the way your wood feels.

Right Wood Texture For The Floor

There are some wood textures that are perfect to use on the floor. We can use these very effectively on the floors and these are;


Although expensive, teak is still a very popular choice when it comes to floors. People use teak to make luxurious floors and the feeling is very sophisticated.


Mahogany is a fine wood choice for the floor if you want more grip on the floor. The texture gives the whole floor a very smooth look so any other contrasting furniture looks very good in it.


Oak is another wood, which we use widely when it comes to the floor. It is strong and sturdy but the texture is also very intense. So, many homeowners opt to go for oak.


Maple is the best floor choice for you if you are on a tight budget. The wood gives you a mix of sturdiness and comfort. Although the texture is common, it is still pretty reliable.

for furnitureThere are some wood textures that are better for furniture making. Let’s have a look at those


Pine is the woodworker’s dream material. This wood can give you the most intricate texture when you are designing any furniture. It is easy to work with and the texture can be contrasting with the other pallets.


Cedar is also a wonderful option for the woodworker as it is sturdy and soft at the same time. The furniture can be complex in design thanks to the flexibility ratio of cedar.


Cherry is another great wood to use for beautiful furniture. One cannot find the texture of cherry wood in any other type of wood making it the grand champion of beautiful texture.


If you want to use a cheaper version of pine then you can go for redwood. It has the same type of texture with a reddish feel, making it almost perfect for furniture.

Maintenance Of The Texture

There are specific ways by which you can maintain your wood’s texture and the look. Let’s have a look at the most used techniques.


Laminating is always the best way to save the texture of your wooden furniture. It protects them from water-related damages and gives the texture more longevity.

Oil Treatment

Oil treatment can be very effective depending on the frequency of the treatment. It keeps the original feel of the wood intact while also allowing it to have a longer lifespan.

Dusting and Cleaning

You should dust and clean your furniture every now and then if you want it to keep its original feel and texture. We can find special dusting sets in the markets.


Polishing is a quick way to get the texture back again. You can use a different type of polishing sets from the nearby corner shop. Make sure to have the right color combination of the burnish when you are about to apply the polish.


So, that is all you need to know about the texture of the woods. Hopefully, now you will be able to select the perfect type of wood for your use. Every texture has its own beauty so ultimately you have to choose your desired texture according to the design you want to make.

conclusionThat is all from us. We hope that we were helpful with this article. Don’t forget to ask any questions that you might have on your mind.


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