Achieving and living in a well-decorated beautiful home is everyone’s dream. However, the cost of the home decoration is expensive. Decorating a home like what you see in movies or Television will cost you thousands of dollars. You will need to spend all of your savings to get one such movie-style home.

And here is the dilemma. At present, you may live in a ramshackle house with which you are quite embarrassed with your friends and relatives. And at the same time, you don’t have plenty of money. So, where will you go?

Don’t get lost, my dear. Do you ever hear DIY home decor projects? Yes, these are fantastic inexpensive projects that will turn home into a beautiful place overnight. Let’s get the ideas of these projects.

Paint an Entire Wall With Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint allows you to turn a wall into a writing slate. You can then use the wall as a canvas where you can draw beautiful and creative artwork. The paint works amazingly for the kids’ room and your living room. The guests will greatly appreciate your artistic work. Besides, Apply chalkboard paint to a child’s dresser so the kid can write out the contents of each drawer. It is great fun for the young members of your family.

Floating Bookshelf

Store books of different categories in the wall of your reading room in a way that will make the illusion to your friends and family members that these books are floating. To make such an illusion, place the books over some invisible stands which are attached to the wall and stay almost parallel. The first impression on visitors will be that these books are floating.

Change the Color of Flower Vase

Your love for flowers is immensely leading to keeping dozens of flower pots. Spray these pots with metallic gold spray and turn them elegant and exquisite.

DIY Nightstand

A nightstand is a beautiful addition to your bedroom decor. It is quite a useful piece of furniture where you put many things like table lamp, alarm clock, reading matter, phone, eyeglasses, desktop intercom, a drink, or medication. The preparation of a nightstand is simple. Get an unused old table, cut it in half, paint it with a beautiful color, and place it against the bedroom wall. That’s it.

Curtain Headboard

Do you want to make your master bed decorative and elegant? It is a quite simple place. place a curtain rod behind your sleeping bed and choose your favorite curtains. Your bed will turn into a regal bed.

Give a Simple Mirror a Decorative Touch

An ordinary mirror can turn into a highly decorative piece with a collection of different types of broken CDs. How? Take a mirror, enclose it with a frame and then place an array of different types of broken CDs in the frame. Your mirror will take the shape of the mosaic instantly.



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