Though a bathroom is not a glamorous place like a living room or kitchen, however, the room is an essential place for house occupants and guests. It offers comfort and functionality. It is a completely wrong idea If you think that a bathroom only refers to a bathtub and toilet and missed to include an array of other bathroom accessories. Below is a list of bathroom accessories

Vanity set

This is a multi-purpose set that includes a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, soap dish, and tray that can hold other things.

Decorative bathroom items

Not every bathroom accessory needs to be functional. There are certain items that placing them in the bathroom makes the place beautiful and elegant. These are

  • Wall art
  • Rugs
  • Curtains
  • Baskets
  • Accents mirrors
  • Fresh or faux flowers
  • Decorative towels
  • Wall clock

You can choose other decorative pieces. But when choosing a showpiece item, take into account the hot and humid environment of the place whether the item will last in such an environment.


Vertical storage is space-saving. If you have enough floor space in the bathroom, place a freestanding shelf for keeping towels, decorative accessories, and extra toiletries.

Additional lighting fixtures

Lighting is quite an important bathroom decor. Its function is not only illuminating the place but also makes it cozier. If your bathroom is spacious enough, you can make ambient lighting thereby placing a range of lighting items there which includes a chandelier, wall sconces, string lights and faux candles with LED flames.

Accessories for the sink

A sink is an important part of a bathroom, especially during morning rush hour when you are getting ready. Modern-day sinks come with high-end faucets that make cleaning tasks convenient and easier.

Toilet paper holder

Placing this holder which also includes a magazine rack beside the toilet will make the bathroom look tidy and clean.

Composite Toilet

Do you live in a drought-prone area where scarcity of water is a great problem for inhabitants? Are you an environmentalist who loves green products? A composite toilet is the right product for you. The toilet is easy to install, inexpensive, and odorless. One great benefit of composite toilets is the toilet converted your waste into compost that you can use in your garden.

Trash can

A bathroom without a trash can is unthinkable. This trash can is space-saving and holds a lot of discarded materials like used shampoo bottles, empty shower gel containers, or other trash materials.

Shower mat

This shower mat is made of rubber and can be placed on the floor of the shower or bathtub to prevent slips when someone is entering and exiting the area.

Shower  pans

A shower pan is a single-piece unit that is installed in the shower alcove. It features a drain hole and a sloped floor to lead water in the direction. The great benefits of installing the right model of shower pan ensure that water flows where it is supposed to flow and thus prevents water leakage which is a big hassle.


Keep a set of towels and place them in vanity will make your shower experience nice and enjoyable.

Shower curtain

Do you want to make your shower experience private? Hang a shower curtain beside your bathtub and make the place a secluded one.

Wall mirror

Install a minimalist wall mirror above the toilet sink to make your bathroom more functional.

Shower caddy

Install a shower caddy beside the wall mirror to hold items such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.


An improvement of the toilet with the above toilet accessories will make life more comfortable to live with. It will also increase the property value if you want to sell your house.



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