ground source heat pump under home

Ground-source heat pumps are also known as Geothermal or earth-coupled heat pumps which have been around since the last quarter of 1940s. However, many homeowners are still not fully aware of the benefits of these pumps. In this article, I’ll talk about the strongest reasons why ground-source heat pumps can be homeowners’ next big projects.

More Efficient Than Traditional HVAC Systems

These pumps have an edge over what we have been using today. Our traditional heating/cooling systems aren’t really inexpensive. Not only the units are costly but also the monthly utility bills are high enough to make us have a second thought about them. Ground-source pumps are also longer-lasting than traditional HVAC systems.

Limited Carbon Emission

A geothermal pump draws one unit of electricity for drawing out 2-3 units of ground heat. It means each unit of electric power used can be converted into 2-3 kW of cooling or 3-5 kW of heating energy.

This reduced use of energy clearly indicates that these pumps don’t add much to the global carbon emission. Consequently, there’re fewer carbon footprints. Also, environmental impacts aren’t that high when you have a ground-source heat pump in use.

According to the concerned authorities and independent research bodies, if 100,000 pumps can be installed and kept in shape for nearly two decades, the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be reduced by an amount that consists of an overwhelming 1.1 million metric tons in carbon equivalents.

Although it may sound impractical for many, such an achievement would equal the plantation of trees in over 120,000 acres of land or the elimination of 58,700 automobiles from the highways.

One Great Health Benefit

There have been many debates surrounding the properties of the energy brought by these pumps. While most stay on the positive side claiming that the energy is clean and healthy, you may study more on geothermal energy pros and cons for peace of mind and a better understanding.

Here is the obvious one. Traditional HVAC units may work without much noise. But, can you really call them ‘silent’? Some units make noises due to its malfunctioning state or typical mechanical behavior.

However, geothermal pumps aren’t noisy. They work almost noiselessly fetching energy for your heating and cooling needs. So, you don’t have to undergo noise pollution, and being free of it can be a great thing in this modern world.

Few Maintenance Hassles

Unlike heating systems based on combustion or similar technologies that require serious maintenance, these pumps work for years without asking you to prepare for a major maintenance project. They last longer than even combustion boilers. Here’s a piece of surprising information for you!

A ground-source pump uses an exchanger element that does the principal work of the pump. The design life of that exchanger element is expected to be 100 years or even longer.

A Good Companion to Households

As the name suggests, these units are buried with the pipes and most other components under the ground, don’t be anxious about any single corner of your home’s exterior or interior to be affected. No worries about the aesthetic degradation either!

Also, these systems use a lot of ductworks which are originally meant to control humidity and contribute to favorable temperatures throughout the house.

Since the environmental and household benefits of ground-source heat pumps are widely known across the world, governments and other organizations have been extending their hands of support to offer rebates to those trying to get these pumps for their households and commercial buildings.

America’s federal and local government bodies have taken such initiatives to offer incentives to homeowners. So, you can easily be one of those lucky homeowners and great humans who are trying to help the world.


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