Cycling is refreshing and enjoyable. It is a simple exercise that one can practice after office or school. Cycling regularly has many health benefits. Even 15-minute cycling regularly offers below benefits :

Weight Control

Developing excessive weight causes many complicated health issues like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, depression, sleep disorder and much more. The people who ride a bike 15 minutes a day have better control overweight than those who don’t do it. One unfortunate thing is it is the young generation like college-going students are heavily affected with obesity. So, 15 minutes daily bike riding routine is ideal for them.

Understanding the mechanism of how cycling help to control weight is not difficult. When your body gains more calories from overeating or otherwise, the excess calories accumulated in the body as fat. When you peddle, the fat burns and converted into energy. The more you paddle, the more fat burning and more weight loss. When you cycling regularly no matter the amount of time, you will burn calories and thus your weight will in control

Enhances cardiovascular systems

Do you know there is an important circulatory system in our body? It is the blood circulation system which is vital for every living being. The system involves heart, blood and blood vessels. This system does three important works, it transfers oxygen, hormones, and nutrients from cell to cell all over the body. And it removes carbon dioxide and other metabolic wastes from the human body. The blood circulation system in the human body works well when we cycle 15 minutes per day.

One amazing benefit of cycling every day, say for only 15 minutes, prevents many life-threatening diseases. These diseases are :


Regular cycling prevents several fatal diseases. One such disease is cancer. Bicycling every day will help you feel healthier and you will never likely to get affected by cancer. like bowel cancer. Cyclists should also eat vegetables and other healthy food to prevent more kinds of cancers.


Diabetes is another disease that regular cycling prevents. Researchers found that one reason for diabetes is not controlling blood pressure. 15 minutes of biking everyday controls your blood pressure and eliminates the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes.

Beneficial for brain

Riding a bike is a kind of exercise that helps make the blood vessels bigger in the head facilitating more oxygen to get into the brain. The more oxygen in brain cells means it will prevent your memory loss or other brain-related diseases.

Reduces stress

Cycling is one of the best exercises that reduce stress significantly. While pedaling, you will get tired and sleep better at night. And when you sleep well, your stress will be melt away.

Less overeating

Cycling makes you more aware of what you are eating. It is because when you ride a bike every day chances are high that you are in a weight loss program where you need to maintain a strict diet. And that diet will never allow you to eat voraciously.




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