Who or What Is Hodor

A question may be boggling your mind that what is Hodor, actually it’s not a thing, he is a character. A humongous man with incredible physical strength yet carrying a beautiful mind, yes, I am talking about a giant character of a game of thrones named Hodor. He can carry Bryan (another character from the novel) on his back over long distances with no visible signs of stress, also lift a full-grown man off the ground and break his neck within a second. However, he has no intention to fight and does not enter combat unless being waged by Bran the character that he devoted his life for.

How does Hodor Become a Door Stop?

How Hodor Become a Door StopHodor only can say one word, “hodor”; though he can understand complex instructions by other people. ‘Hodor’ a word that actually has no meaning yet everyone calls him that. It is derived from the phrase ‘hold the door’, which is the words that Hodor heard during the seizure that mentally disabled him by Bran Stark accidental warging. At the last part of this character, Hodor dies to save Bryan Stark.

Hodor creates an emotional space into his fan’s heart worldwide, for this reason, company like Ikea, Tinker cad and many others take it as an opportunity to branding a popular product with new name. That’s how Hodor doorstop becomes a sensation among the collector of the Game of Thrones souvenir and fans; however people from all level taking interest in the door stop, because everyone loved Hodor, who watched Game of thrones.

Different Types of Hodor Door Stop

KICKSTARTER is one of the pioneers of hodor door stop; however, Naked wooden ideas, Ikea, door stops amazon produced and other door stop manufacturer follows its footsteps. These door stops are diverse and unique in design and material. These hodor door stop’s demand is increasing day by day to the customers. Therefore, we will show you some best door stop with its feature and quality that comes under Hodor title.

Kickstarter Hodor Memorial Door Stop

KICKSTARTER Hodor Memorial Door StopThe death of Hodor was heartbreaking and most of us aren’t over it yet and maybe this is too soon, perhaps this doorstop will bring you and your friends some joy after the loss of one of our beloved game of Thrones characters. You can use this door stop to hold or open all doors for your friends and loved ones.

This hodor door stop is perfect for any doors, though the variation is scarce. Material and features are given below

  • Wooden material
  • Ideal for any environments (Home, office, school, hospital)
  • Stained by expert hands and laser carved door stop
  • Heavier door stop in the market
  • Precisely made for luxury & heavy door
  • Deliver super gripping power to hold even the heaviest doors.
  • it is very easy to use door stop, insert the door stop to chock tightly into the gap between door bottom and floor, and pull back against the door stopper when need to remove
  • less noisy and prevent wall damage
  • non-slippery and durable

Naked Wooden Works Hodor Door stop

Naked Wooden Works Door stopThis one is a solid Hodor doorstop from naked Wooden Works Door Stop. This would be a huge gift for any Game of Thrones fan. Hodor is a hero and you can remember him always with these door stop. USA based walnut wood is its key feature. Material and features of this model is given below

  • Made from solid walnut wood that are black in color
  • This model length is 7.5”that can able to hold door between 3/8” and 1-1/4” off the floor
  • Inspired by Fallen hero Hodor and the word is engraved on top of the door stop
  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal for any environments (Home, office, school, hospital)
  • Ideal for homes that has toddlers or small pets
  • Can used for stopping a side door, wide door, kitchen, bedroom, home, office doors this large door stop device has so many uses.

Hodor Door Stop from Thinggivers

Hodor Door Stop from THINGGIVERSA special designer made hodor door stopper produce and sell by THINGGIVERS. They came up with this unique idea of putting the hodor himself in the door stop and backed by THINGIVERSE. It’s perfect and cover whole idea within the door stop. Material and features of this model is given below

  • A body with arms better on the door and the door with arms attached, the lower rear section of the door has a flat spot that connects with the wedge.
  • An axe fits in a small point at the top of the door above Hodor’s right shoulder
  • Lastly the wedge carved Hodor’s name and “Hold the Door’ on the side.
  • Iron based door stop perfect for any doors
  • Medium sized door top yet heavy enough to hold medium sized doors

They made it based on a fan request but now it become so much popular that people jump on the product to grab it.

What Did Hodor Doorstops Beget When It Came On Sale?

What Did Hodor Doorstops Beget When It Came On SaleHodor doorstop makes a hot buzz around the world, also become hot topics in the social media. People are commenting on hodor door stop tool from different perspectives. Fans of Game of Thrones show diverse opinion on it, some praises the product and others slanders with bitter comments. Hodor Ikea door stop get the most heat from the unhappy fans, though they are not the unsuccessful one on selling the artifact. Overall the companies that introduce this tool with Hodor name print and promoter of the hodor door stop got heavy profit with this product.


Game of Thrones fans are still be sobbing on the floor after the episode, where the tragic end of everybody’s favorite, Hodor. ‘Hold the door’ will never sound the same again, but in this cruel world, there’s always money to be made to survive. However, if you want a reminder of your superhero and the awful moment, you could decide to buy the world’s saddest homeware item ‘The Hodor door stopper’. This item might be ethical or not, hodor will always remain in the heart of millions and will never perish from there, at least not in this century.


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