Let the Chartreuse Color Beautify Your Interior!

Exactly What Color is Chartreuse?

Chartreuse is basically a shade between the green and yellow colors. But it is typically considered a sub-category of the color green. The formula of Chartreuse Color is 50% green + 50% yellow = 100% Chartreuse. The term for this classy color combination originated from the name for a French liqueur, in the 1700’s. The name “Chartreuse” itself carries glamour and the appeal of France. And obviously, you know that this country is well-known for its unique style, fashion, and originality. So, if you want to bring the elegance and charm of that style to your home. Don’t hesitate to revamp your indoor with this gorgeous chartreuse color.

Chartreuse is a trendy color at the moment but still if you’re not sure whether you should go for it. Try it in some small doses first. Flower vases, pillows, wall paint – they’re all great ways to suffuse a flavor of this fun color. And the convenience is, you can extend this to other major parts of your room. In future too when you feel like you are ready to have it as an ambient color at your home.

What Are the Other Colors Can Go with It?

The chartreuse color doesn’t play well alone and an attention seeker that asks for your extra care to integrate it with other colors. And selecting the right color combination with the color chartreuse can be a bit tricky for you. So here are some suggestions for you.

The following color combination can perfectly go with chartreuse in interior designing:

  • Chartreuse is a significant and easily noticeable color with a lot of personalities. It’s tremendously versatile and can tie up with almost any other shed. Nevertheless, based on what effect you want to have, you’ll want to think carefully about what colors to pair it with.
  • Grey and Chartreuse – Try putting a chartreuse sofa or chair against deep gray walls for a soothing yet modern look.
  • Dark blue and Chartreuse – This combo is particularly trendy so if you like to be on-trend, try combining chartreuse furniture with deep blue, saturated walls.
  • Red/Orange and Chartreuse – Try tossing some deep orange or chartreuse color red accent pillows on a chartreuse sofa for a natural mix.
  • Lavender and Chartreuse – Accent pillows and accessories are the perfect way to bring in both colors.
  • White and Chartreuse – Combine chartreuse and white for a fresh and light look.
  • The more vivid combination with orange, red, and blue, the Color Chartreuse looks and feels better. These lovely colors will put the smile on your face every time you enter your room.

Some Handpicked Décor Ideas with the Color Chartreuse

Some Handpicked Décor IdeasIt suits well with styles specific to the past seventy years as well, blending in with or complementing the many interior decoration designs of the eras, and the contemporary minimalism at the same time. These eye-catching mixes of colors will make considerable changes to your home. It can make a drastic change because there is no way it can go unnoticed. And It is a color that has been seen fondly for a long while, and it is not going out of fashion anytime soon.

Decorate the different parts and furniture of your room with a chartreuse color


There are several hues and tones of Chartreuse color, so you don’t have to worry about it ever becoming monotonous! For more welcoming effect, you can paint your ceiling pale chartreuse. Your guest will feel like they’re at home.

Background Walls

Background WallsA unique and enigmatic color like chartreuse looks stunning against a dark background. You can use a tuxedo sofa in chartreuse tweed is a decided style statement, midcentury modern-style. Plenty of clean yet visually exciting lines in the space bring a contemporary and fresh vibe.


Using a chartreuse colored carpet or painting the floor woodwork with it gives you more options to experiment with whatever you want to keep on the floor. A combination of white, grey, black, brown and cream for your decor brings a precise balance to your chartreuse loaded floor. But if you’re adventurous, you can play with bolder colors for your furniture to give your house a more modern look.


A warm, wooden furniture is a great option if you want to make your home harmonic and welcoming. Vintage furniture is nowadays hit, and you will want a piece of that If you would like to go with the essence of simplicity, you may have a piece of furniture in anywhere in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen (or all of them) colored chartreuse. Imagine getting into your house, that one chair placed there, one cupboard, or one stool, will make you feel like they are talking back to you in its warm hue.

Other Accessories

Use this color on your Curtains, Bedsheets or pillows or sofa’s cushion, Flower vase, Table lamp’s shed and on floor mattress, etc. Just try to maintain a decent level of contrast instead of using the color overall on each furniture or accessories. How much is enough, that’s your own sense can answer. You just don’t want to exaggerate with colors. Balance is everything. Every area needs its own design.

At Office/Study Room

Study RoomIf you feel like spicing up your office space or your study room, then there are too many ways than just turning the chairs chartreuse to make your workspace look better for your mental harmony. Keep in mind that chartreuse design is not solely made for any single type of interior, it can be used both in modern and vintage spaces.

For a modern house, designed with minimalistic features such as steel, wrought iron, marble, or glass, this color can bring true happiness and make you feel like the space enlarged. No matter if you choose to paint your walls or just add a piece of furniture or some new painting, you will see the result in no time.

Some Do’s with the color

  • Use chartreuse as an accent if you want to feature a wall, a door, a piece of furniture, or some other type of bold accent.
  • Mix chartreuse with dark or saturated colors such as midnight blue. The contrast will create an energizing and bold effect.
  • Use brighter shades of chartreuse if you want to make an influence. Choose some softer hues if you want it to merge it in with any other colors.

Some Don’ts With the color

  • Don’t be afraid to use chartreuse all over on your walls. Since it makes a decent accent color, it will work prettily as a wall color as well.
  • Don’t think that chartreuse is limited to modern design. Light versions of chartreuse shade look fine at home with old-style rooms.
  • Don’t overlook the significance of lighting. The amount of light in your room has a massive effect on how chartreuse will look, so when selecting a chartreuse paint color, don’t forget to test it out in various lighting condition before buying.

Chartreuse can boost your physical and psychological energy and enthusiasm. It can inspire you to go outside and enjoy nature and wildlife. It also can develop optimism and positive thinking in our mind.

For more cheerful effect, you may put some little extra yellow shade in the color chartreuse. But you will have to be aware enough with these colors and the way you use them, don’t forget this is not the easiest way to your home renovation. It takes some planning, of course, before you decide on this brave option. Just one accidental mistake, inappropriate application of colors may cause undesired effect, and you will have to start over the process to amend that careless mistake.


After experiencing the environment of very dull and monotonous architecture and unappealing color scheme of your workplaces. It is a great delight to return your home from a long and exhausting day at work. Just rest your eyes and refresh your mind and soul with this energetically poetic color.

ConclusionHome is where you spend most of the leisure time, and home is where you look for relaxation as well as inspiration. In fact, adding a chartreuse color to your interior décor will always help to reset your senses to its fresh state and make you feel your home like real “home”.


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