How To Remove Carpet

It is good news that you have finally decided to remove that old, worn-out carpet and want to put new flooring or a fresh carpet. Before installing a new one you need to get rid of the old one. Although a carpet installer can take it out for you, you can save a good amount of money and time if you know how to remove a carpet and do it by yourself. Doing your own job also ensures that, your floor is well prepared and meets your standard.

How to Remove Carpet?

Carpet flooring makes our floor looks good and also prevents the floor from damage. For a lot of reasons, you may want to remove your carpet from your floor. You might want to remove those worn-out carpets from the stairs as well. Paying someone for removing carpet requires good amount money. So, to save the carpet removal cost you might want to do it by yourself. Carpet removal is not an easy job, but if you know the right technique you will find it comfortable and less tiresome process.  Read below to learn more about how to remove carpet from floors and stairs.

Tools to Remove Carpet

how to remove carpetRemoving a carpet is not an easy task and you require strength and time. However, with proper technique and tools, this tiresome process can be done in a much easier way. So, it is important to learn about required tools before learning the procedure of how to remove carpet from your floor. Let’s find out the required tools;

  • Crowbar
  • Utility Knife
  • Floor Scraper
  • Heavy Work Gloves
  • Shop Vacuum
  • Dust Mask
  • Pliers
  • Pry Bars (Optional)
  • Hammer (Optional)

These are the required tools if you want to remove your carpet effectively. These tools can make your work easier and you find it really comfortable to use these tools while removing your carpet.

How to Remove Carpet from Floor?

How to Remove Carpet from FloorSome home owners love carpeted floor while others do not. Some want to change the old carpet for the new one. Whatever the reason, removing a carpet from your floor will require some time and elbow work. Read below to know more about how to remove carpet from the floor;

Step 1  Remove All Obstacles

Step 1 Remove All Obstacles.jpgBefore pulling up the carpet you need to make sure all the furniture and equipment are removed from the floor. If you find your carpet is under a shoe molding, remove it first. Doors that are swing inside of a room are also needed to be closed or removed while removing the carpet.

Step 2  Make Your Decision

It is best to make decisions what you are going to do with your old carpet. Are you going to salvage it or going to throw it away? If you are salvaging your old carpet, you need to be extra careful while pulling up carpet.

Step 3  Take Some Precautions

Step 3 Take Some Precautions.jpgTake some precautions while removing the carpet. Old carpet consists of all kinds of dust and debris. So, make sure that, you are wearing a dust mask. You also need to put on those protective gloves to make sure your hands remain safe.

Step 4  Remove Your Carpet

Now that you have removed all the obstacles and take necessary precautions, it is time to remove the carpet from the floor. Take below-mentioned steps to do it perfectly.

  • Loosen the corner of a carpet first. Use pliers to pull your carpet back.
  • If there are any screws used to attach the carpet to the floor, remove them first. Use a pry bar and hammer to do it.
  • If you do not want to preserve your carpet, cut it into several pieces. It will be easier to remove and carry strips.
  • Fold it over after removing every two feet of the carpet and use the utility knife precisely to cut through the back. It is easier to cut from the back and it will also protect the underneath floor from scratches.
  • Continue the pulling and cutting procedure to remove all the carpet from the room.
  • When you are finished, carry the carpet out of the room.

Congratulations! You have removed the carpet from your floor. However, there are still some required steps you need to perform to complete the carpet removal procedure. Read below sections to find out more.

Step 5  Remove Tack Strips

Tack strip is the thin wood piece that is stubbed with nails and placed on the borders of the room.  If you are going to put new carpets, you do not require removing the tack strips unless they are not rusted or damaged. To remove tack strips, use the crowbar to pry them out from the floor.

Step 6  Remove Carpet Padding

Remove Carpet PaddingYou might have used carpet padding while putting carpet on your floor. A lot of us do. To remove this carpet padding, start from the corner. Pull back the padding and start folding it up. To remove it easily cut the padding into pieces.

It may have found that the padding is glued or stapled on the floor. In this case use floor scraper to pull out the staples and remove the stuck-on pieces.

Pliers can also be used, but the floor scraper is ideal for the job and it will save a lot of time.

Step 7  Finally, Clean the Floor

Step 7 Finally, Clean the Floor.jpgWell done! You have completed removing the carpet and other related things from the floor. However, you might find your floor very dirty by now. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor nicely. If you want to dispose of your old carpet, check the carpet disposal procedure of your state.

Once your floor is all cleaned up, it is now ready to accept the new flooring. Like a lot of people, you can also keep your floor unwrapped. However, this is not the best way to keep the floor protected.

How to Remove Carpet from Stairs?

How to Remove Carpet from StairsSimilarly like a floor, you might need to remove carpet from your stairs. The procedures are mostly similar; however, you still need to do it in a little different way. To learn more about how to remove carpet from the staircase, follow the below steps;

  • Put a pair of good quality leather gloves to protect your hands. Do not forget to wear a dust mask as well.
  • Start pulling the carpet from the top stair positioning yourself below the top stair with a utility knife, pry bar and hammer.
  • Pry up the corner of the carpet using your pry bar. Pull over the carpet starting from one corner to the other corner.
  • Cut the carpet when you reach the edge of every stair and pull up the padding of the carpet.
  • Remove the staples using pliers or a staple remover. If you find any tack strip, remove them with your pry bar.
  • Use a pry bar, pliers or a screw driver to remove the carpet and carpet padding from the staircase spindles.
  • Remove any tack strip or staples with your pry bar from the spindle area.
  • Repeat the procedure for every stair unless you reach to the end.
  • Now clean up the stairs to make it ready for re-flooring or painting.

Congratulations! You are done removing the carpet from your stairs. Keep a garbage bag close to you. It comes handy where you can put all the staples and strips.


In order to put new flooring, whether it is carpet or other material, you need to remove the old one first. You might hire someone to do the job, but it is an expensive task. If you learn how to remove carpet easily and perfectly, you will be able to save the money and time at the same time. It is also an easier job if you choose the right tools and technique.

I believe that after reading this document you have got the idea about how to remove carpet more effectively in the shortest amount of time. If you find anything to ask, please write back. Happy Carpet Removing!


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