How to Sharpen a Hedge Trimmer

A Hedge trimmer is a type of machine that helps you in mowing and it is a very important part of horticulture. Your garden will turn into a mess if you don’t  trim off hedgerows, shrubs and bushes. Taking care of a hedge trimmer is equally important as taking care of the garden bushes. If your hedge trimmer isn’t sharp enough then you can’t  trim off those bushes and shrubs cleanly which will make your garden look untidy and unpleasant. So sharpening a hedge trimmer is the most important maintenance thing for a hedge trimmer.

A hedge trimmer has a long service life. But it needs some maintenance in its lifetime. If you want to save some bucks by sharpening your hedge trimmer for yourself then go through the whole article.

There are manual and powered versions of hedge trimmers and both of them need sharpening. You have to sharpen your hedge trimmer when you notice they are not cleaning your garden bushes, hedges properly. If you are wondering how to sharpen a hedge trimmer then I have two methods for you which i will list down below in a few steps.

  1. If you are using an electric hedge trimmer then you have to remove the battery or unplug if it’s a corded machine. Make sure the power source can’t be turned on.
  2. Find a flat spacious surface or table where you can put the hedge trimmer blades and move them around easily. Be careful with this step as you should not cut yourself.
  3. Safety comes first. Wear your protective gloves and glasses to avoid any accident because prevention is better than cure. Hedge trimmers have sharp blades that can cut your hands or anything around you. Make sure you removed everything from that place. Don’t wear your favourite clothes as they might get dirty or get cut off.
  4. Clean out if there’s any debris or dirt on the blades. Use a bristled brush with a cleaning solution to clean the blades well. It’s important to clean the blades, else dirt might damage the cleaning file or cleaning stones. Now remove the bolts that hold the two blades together.
  5. The best method of sharpening a hedge trimmer is by using a file. Keep your file flat and move towards downward motion. Don’t move it back and forth. This will rather make the blades thinner and more dull than ever. Keep moving the file in downwards motion till you get your desired sharpness. This method takes a lot of time. After the sharpening is done you have to clean off all the shavings from the blades. You can use a sharpening stone to clean up the blades.


You can sharpen the hedge trimmer blades using a power grinder. Power grinder creates spark with which you are to sharpen your hedge blades. It’s a more dangerous way to sharpen your blades. We wouldn’t recommend this method to someone who has zero idea about power grinder. You have to use a face shield with glasses and protective gloves to avoid any unexpected situation. Start by clamping your blades tightly. You might have to move around to see the angle of the blades properly. Don’t move your blades around its position.

Don’t put too much pressure on the blades teeth otherwise, it might shave off too much and give it a weird shape. Slide off the angles in its natural shape. Don’t make the blades too skinny or too dull. Power grinders provide better accuracy. But you have to sharpen each tooth separately for better results. Clean up the burrs once the sharpening is done. If you leave the burrs uncleaned, it will dull your blades faster.

  1. Once you clean up all the burrs, give your blades a wipe with soft clothes. Then apply some linseed oil on the blades to prevent rusting. This will increase the lifespan of the blades.

We described how to sharpen a hedge trimmer on the steps above. If you are very new at sharpening hedge trimmer, it will take you more time. You might not get your expected result at the first try but don’t be disappointed. You can master the art of sharpening the blades in a few tries.


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