Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchen

Kitchen is an integral part of any house. However, not all homeowners can afford to have spacious kitchens because small apartments generally don’t have the scope to allocate a whole room or even a generous amount of space for a kitchen. So, every corner needs to be used efficiently to save up space in a tiny kitchen.

You should also ensure that the place doesn’t look too congested and becomes hard to move around or work freely and you feel suffocated as a result. That means it should be a comfortable place since it’s our regular workplace and we spend a significant amount of our time in a day there.

Here we will share 6 amazing kitchen ideas for small kitchens. See which one you might choose for your next revamp project.

1. L-Shaped Kitchen:

L-Shaped Kitchen

Here two perpendicular platforms or walls are joined together to create a corner. You can use the corner to install a kitchen sink with a gorgeous kitchen faucet. This way it will be easy to reach the water tap from both sides, stoves, and especially, the prepping space.

You can also add a shelf or rack above the basin, which will make it easier to put things up after you wash your dishes. This will also keep your workplace damp-free that could occur by the dripping water drops of the washed utensils. You can add an extra floating table on the open side to use it as a prep place.

2. G-Shaped or Peninsula Kitchen:

G-Shaped or Peninsula Kitchen

This design has an extended counter from the layout of a horseshoe kitchen. You can use that extra platform as your regular dining space just by adding a few round stools since chairs can take more space. It will also be a great prepping space too.

But the extra portion can be a bit dark and you can hang up pendant lights in a row to lighten up the place, which can go well as a decorating item too and beautify the kitchen.

3. U-Shaped or Horseshoe Kitchen:

U-Shaped or Horseshoe Kitchen

This design consists of three platforms and two counter spaces. Storage space is available under the counters. You can fill in the lane created in the middle of three counters with a slim island-like portable table that can be pushed in when needed and pushed out when not in use. It can be used as a dining table as well as a prepping space.

A cabinetry system can make the kitchen darker as this design is full of storage space. So, some of the storage can be replaced with exposed shelves and you can even paint the kitchen in snow white color to make the room brighter than before.

4. Island Kitchen:

Island Kitchen

An island is placed in the middle that is the focal point of this kitchen design. It has everything, from stoves to sink to storage to prepping place and even a dining table. Since the island table is the masterpiece of the kitchen, you can coat it with a vibrant color to highlight it.

You can free up the cabinets adding a rack to hang up heavy pots and putting a few shelves to keep your utensils. You can also add an extra table as a dining or prepping space so you can release some loads on the main counter.

5. One-Wall or Straight Kitchen:

One-Wall or Straight Kitchen

In studio apartments, this type of small kitchen is actually common. The one-wall kitchen design is made of a single row platform without any counter space. But if you add an extra table in this kitchen, this will serve you two purposes – as a prep spot and a dining table.

A console can also be installed to set tools or prepare ingredients when cooking. A one-wall kitchen doesn’t need to attract everyone’s attention, so you can use either folding doors or panels to hide the clutter when you are not in the kitchen.

6. Galley or Parallel Kitchen:

Parallel Kitchen

Two parallel platforms allow the galley kitchen to have a hallway-like space in between them. In urban areas, this is a common kitchen design for small apartments. You can replace the upper cabinets with shelves, which will free up a lot of space and you will no longer feel too congested when in the kitchen.

Limit the tall storage to your panty area so you are able to keep bulky utensils that you rarely use, saving up counter space. Due to the architectural issues, opening a big portion of a galley kitchen’s wall may not be possible. However, you can at least adjust a small window or install a glass wall to make it seem less closed up.

So, these are your easy and cost-friendly small kitchen hacks for today. You can free up some space to make it more effective and more organized following any of the ideas.


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