Pink Christmas Tree
Pink Christmas Tree

When Christmas is around the corner, it is time to look for the best trees to put up in the house. Traditional green color Christmas trees are going out of fashion. Because green color is a very common and outdated idea. It has been around for ages now. So, this year, to make something different, why don’t you try something like a pink Christmas tree?

But why do pink? Pink trees deliver a chic and glamorous look. Moreover, it is no secret that, we, in general, have a secret love affair with all things in pink. The color is well known for incorporating into many holiday décors. Christmas is certainly one of them.

Pink Christmas trees are cute and to some extent celebrating Christmas in a non-traditional way. A pink tree, though a little unconventional, can show off your style and charm without ruining the happy mood of the holiday season.

Pink Christmas Tree and Its Popularity

Pink Christmas trees are winning people’s heart and mind quickly. Online marketplace eBay reveals that more people are looking for pink trees more. To support their claim, they publish statistics that show that in the year 2017 there is a 615 percent increase in searches for pink trees compared to the preceding year. In fact, searching for a light pink Christmas tree has increased to that extent that 18 people per every hour search pink Christmas tree in eBay’s UK site.

The eBay also publish astonishing news that bright pink artificial trees are completely sold out by the second of November. All of these data revealing only one thing: traditional green Christmas trees are going out of fashion.

Probably it is the most adored tree. The soft pink branches of the tree come with a matte finish which makes the tree glow. It features a host of qualities. The tree is Delicate, resilient, versatile and feminine. The tree provides full classic shadow and is available in multiple height options.

The average height of the pink Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas tree comes with 6 to 6.5 feet in height. In the case of a pink Christmas tree, this height could vary. It could be 2 feet to 6 ft and in between. In general, an artificial Christmas tree which comes with 6 to 6.5 feet height is great for rooms with lower ceiling heights where a full tree is desired while a 7.5-foot tree would be too tall. Among all of these variations, 7-foot artificial Christmas trees are the most popular Christmas tree height since they are designed for rooms with average ceiling heights.

How to decorate a pink Christmas tree?

decorate-Christmas-tree-pink.jpgPink Christmas tree appears to be feminine, but they are becoming more versatile. Though the color pink does not conform to the traditional Christmas tree decorations, the color itself provides a stunning look for which people are now more loving the tree than any other color. Below are a few ideas for decorating a pink tree in the upcoming Christmas.

Gold and Silver Ornaments

For a stunning look, decorate your pink Christmas tree with gold and silver ornaments in various shapes, shades, and textures. After adoring the tree with ornaments, you will find the tree is dazzling since metallic ornaments reflect the tree’s lights.

Rainbow Colors

decorate-Christmas-tree-with-color.jpgWhy do you only choose a red and green color to decorate your tree? Why not the tree decorates with the colors of the rainbow? Yes, decorating with rainbow colors will make your tree more vibrant and elegant. You can also add a tropical flair to your Christmas tree with ornaments like night satin dream ornaments, Peacock glamour glass ornament set and color glaze ornament set.

Pink Ornaments

You can elevate your pink Christmas tree to the next level by using pink, white, and red ornaments. Since pink is a versatile color, its use not limited to only Christmas. Its use extends to other holidays and celebrations like Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day or your little girls birthday. Pink trees come in different shades. Select your favorite shade of pink, then mix and match as many pink and red ornaments you would like until you find a truly captivating Christmas tree.

Neutral Colors

decorate-Christmas-tree-Neutral-colors.jpgFor a splendid yet not so much dazzling look, you can use a combination of neutral colors like ivory, taupe, and gray on light pink Christmas three. The trick here is to use shimmery ornaments in neutral hues that sparkle under your Christmas lights.

Different types of pink Christmas tree ideas

Pink Christmas tree can be decorated with dazzling pink ornaments in various styles. All of the styles are sure to rejuvenate your Christmas mode. Try any of the below styles in the upcoming Christmas.

Blush Pink and White Christmas Tree

This tree features blush and white tones. This light and the bright combination is ideal for any corner that needs a little lightening up.

Subtly Southern Tree

This tree represents true southern roots. The subtle antler decorations of this tree just do that.

Soft Pink and White Christmas Tree

This style of soft pink and white Christmas tree is stunning on its own.

Glam Pink Tree with Matching Garland

This pink tree with matching garland makes it a glamorous tree.

Hot Pink Christmas Tree

Like the look of the tree reveals that it does not take the traditional route. The tree features flocked ornaments but did not use any red or green ornaments. It uses pink color ornaments which makes it bright and colorful. Another unique feature of the tree is it uses vintage pink ornaments and who knows it could be another new tradition.

Pint-Sized Pink Tree

This tree is ideal for setting up a pink Christmas tree in a small space. You can decorate the tree with your small collection of pink ornaments.


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