New Year’s is just around the corner. And while you’re planning on your yearly resolutions, the modern interior design world is setting its focus on what styles will be creating hype in 2019. Modern farmhouse design is one of them.

A modern farmhouse décor is all about tidy lines and modern contour. Along with rustic textures and ingenious decor ideas adopted from the country life. Make your modern home perfectly rustic with some basic but exclusive changes. With chapters on entryways, living spaces, kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces, any area of your home can be decorated into charming yet refined ways.

Whether you’re a town or a country dweller, modern Farmhouse Style will bring the best of both worlds. With Modern Farmhouse Style, now you can bring that farmhouse artistic taste in your own home. No matter where you are nesting.

Characteristics of a Modern Farmhouse

characteristics of modern farmhouseOld things making new again is an endless challenge from architecture’s perspective. Which also fuels inspiration for designers and architects around the world. The modern farmhouse uses common elements from traditional pastoral cubicles timber slide, frame roofs, lofted spaces, and puts a sleek, classic design on them for a home that’s modernized but still linked to its natural surroundings. A modern farmhouse is a building that flawlessly exhibits the farm’s imperishable spirit.

Therefore, we will try to show you different modern farmhouse plans. And its decor that catches our eye today. Hopefully, you will like it too.

How to Bring Modern Farmhouse Look?

What makes farmhouse decor so enticing as compared to similar rustic styles, in general, is the absence of order. You can apply simple rustic accents and mix them with worn down vintage or modern, clean pieces and have a fashionable look. This pure authenticity with the ability to make a home feel like home is captivating and everyone loves it.

Light and airy style of modern farmhouse makes a significant impact in the decor style that brings the feeling of courtyard and freshness of farm breeze within the home. The thing is, you don’t need to be rural to get this comfortable look. Here we speak of 20 ways, which incorporate the farmhouse impression, no matter where you live.

Abstract Coating

One of the massive challenges often homeowners face is how to choose the right paint colors for their home to give it farmhouse glamour. A neutral paint palette is a necessity to bring the farmhouse elegance because it makes rooms feel large yet cozy, and it puts the insistence on the furnishings rather than on a bold feature paint color. To perfectly demonstrate this style, stick to neutrals with very subtle quite tones, such as blue and gray, as well as a soft pastel palette.

Pinafore Sink

Generally, a functional fixture, deep farmhouses sink, and a gooseneck faucet can spontaneously create casual elegance in any kitchen. This farmhouse style goes well with soft white cabinets to finish off the looks. To save money, you can spray paint your kitchen for professional results. A single apron sink also looks fabulous in a laundry room, and it’s practical too.

A Barn Plank

A singular raw wood has the elegance to make anything appealing as a statement piece thus it’s easy to get the relic look with new wood. They are not so heavy and easy to cut and position, making them perfect to done by a single person. Barn board also makes perfect shelving and rack materials, which can be used anywhere to add integrity.

Sliding Barn Doors

From ruler to industrial to sleek and modern, barn door hardware comes in countless styles and colors to suit any decor. For a classic farmhouse vibe, try to imply hardware with an aged bronze patina and pair with an off-white door.


Whether you call it paneling, shiplap, or plank, this vogue is crazy and will stay for a long time. The reason is, it is light, easy to maintain and adds artistry look all by itself. Shiplap is a crucial element to bring modern interior design and classic farmhouse style within one. The best part about this casual style is that we can use it anywhere from kitchens to stairwells and never mismatch decorum.

Exposed Shelving

After all, farmhouse style is all about comfortable living, and Clear shelves provide chic and straightforward access to everything you require within your home. Remodel an old sideboard as an open shelf for laundry supplies, or building rustic shelves using natural materials would be a great idea to get the modern farmhouse look. To reflect edgier look, combine a length of barn board with steel plumbing parts to create open shelving that deserves applause.

Dangling Lanterns

Hanging lanterns in a logical size is a great tool to make a statement. There is no wrong way to use lanterns while decorating. Whether buying a new set or paint a used one it doesn’t matter when complete the farmhouse looks becomes the priority. This ornamenting art piece is perfect for any scenario from the front porch to kitchen roof; lanterns are always remaining the casual farmhouse elegance bringer.

Big Beams Overhead

Open beams bring to mind the days of hand tools and fine craftsmanship and can look right at home even in newer homes. With a few days and some moderate know-how, you can also install a beam-and-panel ceiling yourself, which is a perfect solution for covering up popcorn ceilings.

Old-fashioned Bathtub

Hefty style and constructed design, paw style tub is the perfect example of relaxed farmhouse style. No matter which design you use. The deep tub is as adaptable as they come. Place a wooden chair or stool next to the tub to hold toiletries or a crate of towels for an embellish effect.

Modern Farmhouse’s Interior and Exterior Factors

Interior Features

Who doesn’t love beautiful farmhouse interior and exterior design? Elegant Farmhouse interiors and exteriors always reflect the mindset of a modern farmhouses owner. While it comes to the point, what should a farmhouse look like, one can expect to see plenty of textures and organic materials like stone, wide beams, furnished wood, plank floors, old barn doors, old barns, tongue and groove, shiplap and other features of the modern interior design?

Exterior Features

To get a modern farmhouse look on the exterior, choosing dark paint colors are a key. Black, white and natural wood or a blend of the three is generally the choice. White wall and black or gray roof is the standard painting pattern for a modern farmhouse exterior.

Exclusive Lighting

No need of extra light bragging here. Modern looking barn light or something a little industrial flanking the entry to the house will be enough to fill the area with a modern farmhouse essence.

Bunch of Windows

Window connects the inside of the house to the outside. Natural light pours in and enlighten the rooms with the crisp, soft ray of sun. You can not hold a modern farmhouse space in the dark. Because these farmhouses are to bring life into the residence not too bring barren feel in the space.

Broad Patio

A covered porch lengthened across the front of the house is familiar with a modern farmhouse. This spot becomes an exterior art factor of the home where you can reunite with friends and family. It is a simple structure with decorative columns and railings. And it should be spacious enough to place a few rocking chairs or porch swing.

Elements That Are Must For Modern Farmhouse Compartments

Decorating Modern Farmhouse Kitchen & Living RoomModern farmhouse design plays well because it hit a general balance between new and traditional fashion. In short, it’s the best of both worlds. And there’s plenty of rooms you will get to put your ideas on the enormous materialistic canvas.

These elements are essential for both modern farmhouse living room and kitchen. Pulling these together can give looks that are graceful. The elements are following.

Neutral Color Mix Up

Farmhouse chambers are in general need to be light, bright and airy. You can keep that feeling refresh, just by using neutral colors as the base of your design. In common, go for soft shades of whites and grays for your cabinets and backsplash.

Natural Materials

Placing natural materials on top of a flat base is classic farmhouse design. Woods are the standard choice for your furniture and countertops. Especially lively varieties, which will keep the room, filled with contemporary essence.

Industrial or Antique Elements

In the end, add some lighting and accessories circling the room by using some modern or aged elements. The choppy edges of these elements will settle the space in custom. Be careful while using these pieces delicately. Since using too many strings will risk of making the room feel a bit archaic.

8 Modern farmhouse Style From Different continents

Modern farmhouse décor is an art of excellence that enhances the charm of the apartment and makes it breathable for its residents. After tons of research, we find out these ten great modern farmhouse décor ideas, which will sooth your artistry aspects.

Swedish Farmhouse

In Scandinavia, summer may be shorter but the days are long, which is the reason for architects to design the Swedish farmhouses in a certain manner so that any one of the family can enjoy every bit of the summer.

This type of modern farmhouses is best suited for winter-main areas. Swedish modern farmhouse is a coeval interpretation of a classic Swedish stuga, and the theme of the house surrounds by the idea of minimalism principle. The interior designer focus on eco-friendly essence thus the main interior and exterior material of the farmhouse is wood, and in some places, the floor can be concrete. The interior color choice is pure white; however, the outer theme can vary according to the owner’s preference.

Indian Old Grandeur

A combination of marble, bronze and wood furnishings and lighting in the rooms while letting the architecture and natural light make a stronger statement, is a feature of a traditional Indian Modern farmhouse that reflects its 250 years old culture. Refurbished stone roof and restored teak arches and doors are also key features that inherit the traditional Indian values.

Interior designer details that are used based on local country elements like bamboo and mahogany wood outshines everything else on the Haveli. Spacious compartments and open windows put grandness in the modern farmhouse.

English Modern Farmhouse

White clapboard siding, double-hung windows and a pitched roof, some of the feature ideas that uphold England’s Modern farmhouse in the top list. Material selections included reclaimed wood, and white fabrics are selected with the intention of easy cleaning and maintenance.

The interiors pattern echoes sophisticated artistry with rustic nuances. The light color of the walls and furnishings also helps to keep the spaces feeling bright and airy. The kid’s bedrooms and play areas are both realistic and colorful. The whole set up aiming to be more budget conscious while punch-ups the creativity. So that, money can be spent in other areas of the home, in which the quality becomes the priority.

American Farmhouse

American FarmhouseFabrics like silk, velvets, and linens to bring up the interior shine and corrugated metal for most of the ceiling is a basic construction idea for a Modern American Farmhouse. Most of the floors should be polished concrete and walls hold off-white textures. Old oil painting surrounded hall, and a special library compartment would be appreciated. American Modern Farmhouse is an example of pure class and elegance.

Belgian’s Favorite

Belgian's FavoriteBelgian farmhouse has a limed façade and the home extension often constructed with reclaimed oak. Belgian use their local roof tiles on the top called ‘Boomse pannen.’ Using steel windows and doors are part of Belgian architectural fashion. Still, the interior of the house has an aged presence because of the antique and aged furniture. The exterior of this house is so charming and cozy, which endorse a familiar and alive atmosphere for all.

Exquisite Spain’s Modern Farmhouse

Spain inhabited stonewalled rural farmhouse with modern farmhouse interior is just a haven for the eco-friendly mind.

Stone-made wall with a little touch of modern civilization made this farmhouse design and extraordinary art piece. Everything about the home was designed to be ecological. Electricity solution comes via solar or hydro power and the large south-facing exposures heat the entire structure during the winter. Overhead, the bedrooms feature giant windows with big window shutter that will give the view of open countryside. And a pool for the children and oneself, just for relaxation in the hot summer is not a bad idea.

French Farmhouse

French farmhouse, it’s not just a décor its people language to show adore and love to their home. Something rustic and few modern elements mix in décor bring out an elegant yet comfortable familiar touch.

Little lace mixed with lumber and dark paint creates a vibrant old fashion theme in the apartment. A charmingly creamy living room evokes French farmhouse style in many ways. First, the color pattern is fresh yet muffled and a mismatched furniture pieces yet intricate details and curves show elegance in every corner of the farmhouse. Wooden elements are paired with classic linens for a high textural and earthy experience. You will love to sit quite a long time enjoying a house like this.

Japanese Farmhouse

A modern Japanese farmhouse is an angular home, which is clad in wood and roofed in steel. As the key features can include a garage with colored glass walls that created to frame views of the surrounding countryside.

The walls are paneled with rice paper so that they can use the sun’s rays and make the overall space more energy-efficient. The rooms are created for passive cooling and wood stove heating; this type of home allows the residents to live without electrical heaters and air conditioners. The natural element used in the interior, oak wood and plaster to keep the design subtle yet eye-catchy from the environmental perspective. Smooth round-edged doorframes and the white plaster gently contradict with the warm color of the timber flooring and built-in furniture. Japanese Farmhouse is unique yet eco-friendly thus people accepting this decorum style for their farmhouse cordially.



There’s a reason why so many people continue to fall in love for farmhouse style. Its distinctive comfort and simplicity feature that certainly makes anyone feel alive at home. Even if they’ve never set foot on a farm. However, some people feel scared due to the premise that this aesthetic can feel a little aged.

However, Modern farmhouse style is the best among several trends from the last few years. This combined the best of rustic, a touch of industrial, and the sleek grandeur of modern architecture. Its sophisticated models of design give you the feeling like you can calm and relax anytime. And anywhere of that farmhouse, you build with love.


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