Multi Purpose Dining Room

A slim chance that you built your house on your own. It came off the shelf, with a large Dining area and the real estate agent sold it to you embellishing it with romantic candlelight dinners, or the envy of the neighborhood, or that raise the boss is going to give you, and so on. You fell for it and are now saddled with this huge space which is used maybe five times a year. Typically, it would be a space carved out specifically for entertaining guests and positioned next to a bay window. So what we are attempting here is to convert it with a few deft moves, use the area, and when those long-awaited guests turn up, the chairs and all, come back as before. You don’t have to pay an architect or interior decorator a hand and a limb; here are some easy to do multi use dining room ideas.

A Tropical Bar


Get some low wicker chairs, potted fronds placed out of the way — dim lighting from high stand lamps. And if you don’t know how to make a daiquiri, now is an excellent time to learn.

You’ll need a whole lot of different glasses and the many tools of the barman; strainers, shakers, cork openers, small fruit knives and there is a whole lot more I can list.

A cabinet would most probably not be needed as there is bound to be one in the dining space. But the cabinet should be high enough to display your collection effectively, not to show off, but it becomes easier for a guest to choose.

So now that you are in Havana, Salud!

Home Office


Budding writer, working away from office, whatever, you need a home office and there’s this dining space lying unutilized. Wheel out the chairs save one, place a table lamp and there it is.

The buffet table should suffice as a filing cabinet.

Some concealed electrical connections will be required for your computer, printer and fax machines.

Use some props like a potted plant, an eclectic pen holder, or a toy to get into the groove. Now get to work on making it to the long list of ‘The Bookers.’

A Yoga Room


The wellness benefits of yoga are well known. It is good for all genders and age groups. It is widely popular and claims by enthusiasts and practitioners are not exaggerated as to improvement in both mental and physical levels.

Transforming your dining space into a Yoga-Meditation Studio is both a superb idea as it is enforceable. Basically you need a yoga mat to prevent yourself slipping. Carpeting is nice but a wood floor is preferable according to experts. The rationale is to stay as close to nature. Rubber or foam flooring is another option. Space requirement would be 5′ by 10’ for a person, so if you have a large dining space, you can turn pro, give yoga instruction to a couple of people and make money on the side. Also, your students would get more individual attention than in a class of, say, twenty. Lighting is another issue. Hanging or sunken, overhead lighting can hinder reclining postures. Natural daylight is best, or indirect lighting such as upward beaming standing lamps offering a muted light. A Yoga room, by function should be minimalistic. Keep it simple for the mind to relax.

Music Room


Been eyeing that piano at Granny’s for quite some time now? No place to put it up and belt out Frank Sinatra, here’s your chance; all that space in the dining area. Oh, one more thing you’ll need; a piano stool.

So place that call to the piano tuners, pull out your score sheets and, well, start off. Your guests may also be invited to play

It need not be a piano, maybe a Yamaha Keyboard. What about an electric guitar with a small powerful amplify-speaker? Whatever your taste may run into, you don’t have to clear the chairs. Spread them around tastefully for seating that appreciative audience. Fix up the lighting a bit; a spot for the artist and generally mood lighting for the space.

Home Theater


A big 55” hi-res, flat screen that supports 4K and HDR, a smart TV, hooked up to a speaker system, a turntable, a Blu-Ray disc player, Netflix; boom- infinite pleasure. If you have an old computer system lying unused, create a media center. Upgrade the graphics card to make it a gaming console and you’re all set to play your favorite video games. This is loads of fun. And you don’t have to remove anything, just stack them in a corner. The side-board stays where you can stash away your collection of LPs, and CDs. Wall to wall carpeting and ample cushions, bean-bags strewn around for that hi-tech meets Woodstock effect. Put in a regulator with the lighting.

A Literary Lunch and Lounge


A library, lounge and dining space, all rolled into one. A truly multi purpose dining room with a dash of New York chic. Sip a mocha and gaze out at the street. Feeling like unwinding, curl up on the sofa with a book. Don’t miss the well-chosen art displayed on the bookshelves. Bring in a couple of potted succulents, throw in a colorful rug, and you have a truly charming place to unwind. The dining table and chairs stay put. Effective utilization of extra space is the hallmark here. Lighting is best at cheerfully bright.

Triple duty: Office, Dining and Living Combo


It doesn’t get more compact than this. This bright and cheerful room serves as a living cum dining space, a top ranker in dining room ideas. The modular glass-fronted cabinets can house both glassware and filing, office supplies. A splendid innovation is the chair hung on the wall as additional storage space. You and your family can spend hours of quality time together in this dazzling ambience.

In Conclusion

A play center complete with a snooker table, a spare bedroom with a Murphy bed that folds up into a settee, there are ideas galore that spring to mind. Home décor interiors is a passion. It calls for a mind that is very creative. But your home is unique to others. It may be split level, the shape and floor plan itself will give birth to ideation on the possibilities. Two elements need addressing here; functionality and aesthetic. Both have to exist together. Your ideas should encompass the minimal changes required to bring out the maximum effect. The economy of putting these ideas into practice is very desirable. A house with a loft provides interesting makeover ideas. Make use of distressed, old furniture, of course leaving it as it is. Faux antique art is frowned upon and strictly avoided. Like I was saying, you are the sole and the best judge, so use your discretion and become an interiors consultant.


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