Space saving furniture is an essential element for a small, compact sized home and apartments where there is limited usable space available. Space saving furniture comes in different style and design. For a beautiful and well-furnished house, it is essential to have the best-designed furniture. If space is limited, nice designed space-saving furniture can save both of your cost and space without sacrificing the style much.

The space-saving furniture is that furniture which is designed for small spaces and combines one or more functionalities to serve as a multipurpose item of your home. Murphy beds and bunk beds, extendable tables, sofa sleepers, and other space-saving furniture save your space efficiently while proving greater comfort.

Some space saving furniture also comes with a convertible mechanism for easy and quick transformation.

The Advantage of Space Saving Furniture

The Advantage of Space Saving FurnitureIf you are living in a small home or apartment, you know the importance of space. With space saving furniture ideas you can save a significant amount of space in your small house. With efficient space saving furniture designs, you can reduce the clutter and have a modern and stylus home.

To have that stylus and modern space saving furniture, you do not necessarily spend a lot of money. Most of this furniture is available at an affordable price. For the complete list of benefits of space saving furniture read below;

Reduced Clutter

With a wide range of compact and smart designs, you can enjoy the actual concept of using space for multiple uses. The line of cabinets and closets that integrate with your bed or wall helps to organize things more efficiently in a compact place. The furniture that can be folded up can provide better comfort while providing a space-saving solution so that you keep things organized by reducing the clutter.

Greater Flexibility

Imagine such a scenario when you have to sleep in the drawing room. Using multifunction can provide a greater benefit here. You change the multifunction furniture around a place for different purposes so that you can have the flexibility to use a single space for multiple purposes.


Another essential feature of space saving furniture is that they are highly versatile. For example, you can use a convertible sofa that can be transformed into a coffee table and chairs or a bunk bed.

Lightweight and Sturdy

Space saving furniture is designed to be compact to save space. For this reason, space saving furniture is highly lightweight and can be carried easily. You can also break apart some of them and reconfigure when needed. This makes it much easier to carry and move.

Being lightweight does not make them flimsy. Instead, space saving furniture is quite sturdy to fulfill your purpose. You might feel that it will fall apart, but the design and material of space saving furniture are chosen wisely so that you can have the confidence to enjoy full freedom in a lightweight and space saving furniture.

Modern Design

You do not have to pay a lot of money to buy full-sized stylus modern furniture. Foldable and transformable furniture is now more stylus than ever. There are a lot of furniture manufacturers out there who are putting the best minds to design space saving but modern design furniture.


Despite the fact that space saving furniture is lightweight, sturdy and modern designed, they are still highly affordable. For convertible furniture, it might seem expensive in some cases, but you will save money as you will use convertible furniture for different purposes.

So, it is now clear that modern and beautiful space saving furniture is far more useful not only for small houses but also for dwellings where it needs to place some stylus furniture to save space for other purposes.

Some Popular Types of Space Saving Furniture

Some Popular Types of Space Saving FurnitureThere are different types of space saving furniture available in the market. You can buy space-saving patio furniture, modern space saving bedroom furniture and other are types of furniture to meet your need. Let’s check the most popular and useful space saving furniture from which you can get your own.

  • Space Saving Bedroom Furniture
  • Space Saving Storage Furniture
  • Extendable Tables and Desks
  • Space Saving Chairs
  • Bookcases (Space-Saving)
  • Wall Units (Space-Saving)
  • Space Saving Mirrors/Lightings

These are the most popular types of saving furniture you can get according to your need. If you are out of storage, space-saving storage ideas like under bed storage or over the door storage can help you use the unused space to store necessary items. Similar way you can use space saving beds and extendible desks to utilize the small area of yours.

Some Popular Space Saving Furniture Design Ideas

Murphy Bed and Cabinet Bed

Murphy Bed and Cabinet BedMurphy beds might be too expensive for some people. But this 2018 and you can use your Murphy bed not just as a fold-down bed but also for other purposes also.

Most of the Murphy beds look like a closet or a wardrobe. Some can be used as a convertible desk or TV stand for the daytime and a comfortable bed for night time. You will also find some of these space-saving superheroes as a comfy sofa and wall bed so that you can make your bedroom a gorgeous guest room.

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Bunk Beds and Loft BedsAnother superhero in space saving bedroom furniture is the bunk beds or loft beds. These beds are perfect for kid’s bedroom and are easy to place and decorate. With these beds you will have enough space for making sections for sleeping, studying and playing. Some of these beds offer storage features under or by the side of the bed and some other offer two or more bunks.

Two, Three-Tier bunk beds might seem unsafe but manufactures designed them in a way to provide complete safety. These beds offer built-in rails, ladders, and stairs which are also entirely safe to use.

Convertible Sofa

Convertible Sofa is an excellent solution for small guest rooms, family rooms, and home offices. There are different types of convertible sofa available. A couch that can be converted into coffee tables and chairs can save your space by offering multiple functionalities. At first look, it only seems three-seat sofas, but the hidden mechanism can turn it into a beautiful coffee table and sitting arrangements.

In some cases, convertible sofa comes with hidden chairs so that you can hide those chairs when not in use. Some convertible sofa also offers hidden storage space so that you keep those things you are worried to lose.

Space Saving Dining Table and Chairs

Space Saving Dining Table and ChairsWhy wasting your valuable space while you have a solution to use space saving dining table and chairs. There are many ways you can save your valuable dining space. Use some dining tables and chairs that offer a storage facility so that you store and sit in the same place.

Another way to save dining space is to use small dining tables with hidden chairs. You can get the chairs when necessary and make them disappear when you need the space.

Ironing Board and Mirror

Ironing board and mirrorDo you have a short space for putting a big mirror? Or you are wondering is it a good idea to have ironing board instead where you can perform the laundry work. You can have both of them and place in a single place. Convertible ironing board that can turn into a mirror can serve both of your purposes. Now, you can iron your clothes and convert it into a mirror to make yourself ready.

Under Stairs Storage

Under stairs StorageWhatever it is a big house or a small one, the space under the stairs are always stays useless. Storage is another issue for most small houses no matter how much storage space you have. For this reason, using the under stairs space for storing purposes is a brilliant and beneficial idea.

Expandable Under-Sink Storage Cabinet

Let’s talk about the space under your bathroom sink. Do you have a lot of toiletries to put, but fails to do so because of limited space? The solution is here. The use of expandable under-sink storage cabinet can give comfort to store not just toiletries but also all other bathing products. Being expandable you can also expand the capacity by adding an extra shelf.

Bench and Shoe Storage

Bench and Shoe StorageWhy waste valuable space of your small home shoe storage. A bench with perfect shoe storage can offer you sitting arrangement as well as secure storage for your shoe and sandals. Space saving furniture Ikea provides some great benches that provide excellent shoe storage features. These are highly comfortable to use as you can sit on the bench take your desired shoe and tie your laces with moving a bit.

For more efficient use place the bench under the coat rack. Voila! You are starting to make perfect use of a useless corner.

These are the very useful space saving furniture for small apartments where a little bit of space is highly valuable. If you are living I big house and you need to save some space, these space-saving furniture designs can help you make perfect use of the space.


Whether you are living in a large apartment or small house, finding enough space for all those equipment and furniture is hard. The wise use of space saving furniture can help you manage space more efficiently than ever. You can have full comfort while enjoying full facility by using space saving and convertible furniture.

By reading this article, I believe you got sufficient knowledge and ideas to utilize the small space of your home correctly. Do not hesitate to contact us back, if you need more information and any question to ask.


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