When asked about some of the things that we use regularly, chairs are one of the many things that may come into our minds. Chairs have been around for thousands of years, and you’ll notice them everywhere you go. Till today, there are thousands of different types of chairs that you’ll find; each with different design and aesthetics. People have been increasingly conscious of these simple everyday items, and have tried to personalize them with utmost perfection. Now, the question may arise, what has led to such fascination to this simple but popular tools? Let’s find out!

History and evolution of chairs

When it comes to industrial design, chairs have always been the topmost items. During 3100 BC, the Egyptians came out with the earliest versions of the chair. During that time, chairs were the items for only the elite class. Pharaohs used chairs as their throne, and they built these chairs with comfort and luxury.

Around 700 BC, the Roman invented the divans. These were chairs that wealthiest Roman families used by them for lounging. By 532 BC, the chairs for common people have come, and this had made the chairs available to all.

During the Renaissance, chairs have gained mass popularity. And there was a huge quest for developing comfortable and sleek-designed chairs that would fit the aesthetics of the most home. This had led to the increased popularity of the chairs.

Different types of chairs

As we’ve previously mentioned, there are thousands of different types of chairs. For an untrained eye, marking the difference in most of the chairs can be quite difficult. Chairs are especially for many uses while maintaining unique designs and aesthetics of most households. This has meant that there will surely be one that fits you and your home. Let’s find out some of the common chairs that you may use in different rooms for various different purposes.

For living rooms

Out of all the rooms in your home, the living room is undoubtedly one of the important room. In your living room, you’ll always want a comfortable yet stylish chair to relish on. For this reason, you can choose any chair ranging from armchairs, recliners, round chairs, ottomans, loveseats or club chairs. Let’s discuss a few types of living room chairs.

Arm Chair

ArmchairAlthough very traditional looking, the armchairs are one of the most popular chairs of all time. These provide you with an outlet for creativity while maintaining comfort. They come in various styles ranging from traditional ones to contemporary chairs, and every other chair in between. These chairs provide utmost comfort while making it look sleek and elegant.


ReclinersIf you’re a fan of reading books, then the recliners will be your ideal partner. These stylish yet extremely comfortable chairs are ideal for reading and watching media. Most recliners feature a footrest to keep your feet up and let you have a relaxed posture. It’s the ultimate example of comfort and luxury mixed up into an everyday item. In modern times, recliners have been the epitome of comfort and luxury and will keep on upholding its honor.

Round Chairs

Round chairsFor people who love the aesthetics, the round chairs may be something to consider. These exceptional chairs make them great furniture to add to the household. The best thing about these are – they’re REALLY comfortable!


Love chairsThe loveseats are especially for couples who just loves to cuddle. These two-seated chairs are very comfortable and aesthetic, meaning that you won’t have to compromise with the outlooks of the chair to get these two-seated masterpieces.

Accent Chairs

Accent ChairsAn addition to the personality, style, and aesthetics – this is how we would describe the accent chairs. These do not only provide an additional seat, but these also portray the user’s preference, taste, choice and much more!

For dining rooms

Dining rooms are the place for you to sit with your family and to enjoy your meals. But chairs also play a big role in ensuring that you’re taking your meals with utmost comfort. There are a number of different types of chairs to choose from. Each offers you great comfort and flexibility while you’re at your meals. Let’s now take a look at a few types of dining chairs.

Bar Stools

Bar StoolBar stools are the common stools that you mostly will find in bars. Although these are not quite common, the bar stools make a great dining room chair. They symbolize personality and a distinct taste and choice of the house owner. These simple chairs also contribute to enhancing the aesthetics to the home!

Wishbone Chair

Wishbone ChairIf you’re someone who loves old school, the wishbone chairs can be one of your first choices. These excellent chairs indicate traditional designs and often have a cushioned wicker seat, giving you a sense of the mid-century era. This is something that you’d not want to miss!

Arm Chairs

Yes, these are the same ones that mentioned at the very beginning of this article. You will find Armchairs in dining rooms and these are the chairs for many households. The armrests

make it an even better deal and add to the aesthetics of the chair and your home.

Side Chairs

Side chairSide chairs are another common dining room chairs. More often than not you’ll find them in households. The main reason for this immense popularity of these chairs is truly its versatility – they’re easy to store, very comfortable and looks great with the aesthetics of most households.

For offices

Office chairs are for ensuring comfort for longer periods of time. Modern office chairs have sleek and unique designs while maintaining the basic fundamental reason why they exist – for comfort and ease of use. Let’s look at a few office chairs.

Reading Chairs

Reading ChairsIf you are into books and want a peaceful and comforting place to sit and dive right into the plethora of great writers. The reading chairs are best for you. Commonly you will find them in top class offices, these chairs are surely very appealing! The comfort and superior designs are unparalleled, and you’ll never notice how time will fly by!

Computer Chairs

Computer chairsAs the name suggests, if you’re a computer geek or have to sit around your computers for an extended period of time, these are the go-to chairs for you. Being specially designed to be used for longer periods, these simplistic chairs can give you the utmost comfort while you’re working on your computers. These chairs have ergonomic height adjustments and rolling casters for better mobility within the office.

Conference Chairs

Conference chairsThe conference chairs are specialized chairs designed for meetings and conferences. These have superior built quality and designed to be slightly forward leaning. This enables the user to be engaged in the ongoing meeting or conference without having to lean back. These have very little adjustments and are quite comfortable.

Guest Chairs

Guest ChairsWith a simplistic and minimalistic design, the guest chairs are very commonly used chairs in almost all offices. These are highly versatile and designed to be very comfortable. A guest will not be dissatisfied when you offer him/her to sit on these ergonomic and sleek designed chairs!

Executive Chairs

Executive ChairsThese chairs are meant for the top officials in the office. With ergonomic designs and highly cushioned back, these chairs offer a great sitting experience and aesthetics. Apart from the top officials, anyone and everyone can use these chairs. Explicitly designed to give maximum back support, these chairs are excellent for people who are used to prolonged sessions and who are suffering from back pains or spine problems. These exceptional chairs come feature rich with adjustable heights, headrests, and armrests that enable you to maintain the perfect and comfortable posture during your office time.

For outdoors

Every once in a while you may be enthralled to go outdoors and enjoy your life. During this time, a chair can be your best friend. You can sit and enjoy the beautiful sunset, or just have a chat with your loved ones. There are several different types of outdoor chairs that you can choose from. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Folding Chair

Folding ChairIf you often host backyard outings or barbeque parties, you’ll need to ensure a plentiful of chairs for your guests. This is where folding chairs come into action. They’re highly portable, can be easily stored and a truly cost-effective solution for your parties. Other than that, you can use these ergonomically designed chairs to chill out in the open. Although not having the best aesthetics, these chairs can be the best choices to make for you!

Chaise Lounge Chair

Chaise Lounge ChairIf you’re someone who loves to relax in solitary, the chaise lounge chairs can be the perfect choice for you. These are designed to be similar to the conventional beds, where you can lean down and relax. The best thing about these highly comfortable chairs is that they have excellent aesthetics and can enhance the beauty of your balcony or backyard.

Wicker Chairs

Wicker ChairsPrimarily made from bamboo (nowadays from synthetic fiber), the wicker chairs have been around since 3000 BC. The wicker chairs offer great aesthetics and uniqueness to your home, although they might not be one of the most comfortable chairs you’d sit on. They’re excellent attention grabbers and people will surely admire your choice and taste of such unique furniture.

Camping Chairs

Camping ChairsThe camping chairs are all about the travelers. These are highly comfortable chairs that are easily portable – they fold up into very small packages so that you can take them with you. Just set it up and relax – enjoy the sunset or the majestic beauty that nature has to offer!


HammocksAlthough the hammocks are nothing similar to the conventional chairs, these are here for thousands of years. It’s a place where you can rest and enjoy yourself in solitary or with friends and family. You can essentially set these by tieing them up with nearby trees or poles, and they offer great versatility. It’s an experience that you surely won’t want to miss!

Antique chairs

For many people, a chair is just simply a chair – a place to sit and cherish in their daily life. For people with an artistic mindset, chairs are quite different; they’re not just functional tools to adorn a room! Chairs have been around for thousands of years, and it is of no wonder that they’ll be around for thousands more. Through the course of history, there have been some of the popular chairs that have gained much attention, and they still exist in the modern age. These chairs are antique and are aesthetically wonderful pieces with immense historical significance. Let’s now go through a few of the antique chairs that you may find.

Eames Lounge & Ottoman (1956)

Eames Lounge & Ottoman (1956)Designed in 1956 by the renowned American architects Ray Eames and Charles, this particular chair has its name after the designers. With a distinct combination of wood, steel, and other materials, these were one of the first modern-looking chairs. The secret to the immense popularity was the revolutionizing process of super-heating the wood. Which enabled the architects to get smoothly curved wood which was not possible before. After the broadcast of the popular Home Show with Arlene Francis, these chairs gained immense popularity. Now, these chairs exist only as antiques.

Papa Bear (1951)

Papa Bear (1951)One of the iconic chairs of the 1950s, the Papa Bar or the ‘Teddy Bear Chair’ back in those days. Hans J. Wegner designed this particular chair was in 1951 and was very popular. The reason for the immense popularity was its distinctive design. It was too comforting and had excellent ergonomics. In modern times, this chair is just an antique item from the history.

Barcelona Chair (1929)

Barcelona Chair (1929)Being designed in 1929 by the renowned architect Mies van der Rohe, it was at first showcased in the Barcelona Exposition which took place in the same year. The then Spanish King visited the Exposition. The design and comfort of the chair inspired him. This had earned the popularity for this elegant looking chair, which is still in use to this day.


Chairs have been around for thousands of years, and still, they’re very popular. Be it a place to rest or where you’ll be sitting during your work, chairs provide comfort and versatility. In addition to that, the chairs have unique designs which add to the aesthetics of most households.

There are quite a few different types of chairs, each ranging from chairs that you can use in your dining rooms, living rooms, offices, kitchens and many more. Out of all the chairs, you’ll find a wide variety and types of rocking chairs, armchairs, side chairs, reading chairs, computer chairs and many more; there are chairs for almost all uses!

You’ll also find quite a few antique chairs to choose from, so you have endless possibilities. Just pick and choose the chairs that fit the aesthetics of your home, and that’s all!


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