Is greenhouse gardening your hobby? Are you looking to purchase a greenhouse thermometer? But do not know where to start. Well, this post will help to find the best greenhouse thermometer. Let’s start.

Before searching for finding the ideal greenhouse thermometer, you need to know what is the tool itself and its importance in greenhouse cultivation. A greenhouse thermometer is a tool that records the temperature inside the glasshouse. The proper growth of plants and vegetables in the greenhouse depends on maintaining an optimal temperature inside the greenhouse. And that suitable temperature is 27°C or 80° F. The temperature above 30°C causes plants to wither and eventually died out. So, as you can see, the tool(thermometer) is immensely important.

Another important tool regarding greenhouse gardening is hygrometer. It is a humidity measurement tool. The tool measures the amount of water vapor inside the confined space or greenhouse. Besides temperature, humidity also plays a critical role in plant growth. If there is not enough humidity in the air, the plants and vegetables will not grow properly.

And, here comes the hygrometer. A hygrometer function is registering the humidity of the air inside the greenhouse. If the device registers low humidity, it signals that there is not enough water in the air, and you need to water the plants quickly and regularly.

However, our main discussion is not on hygrometer. So, let’s get back to the main discussion- greenhouse thermometer.

Different types of greenhouse thermometer

There are different types of thermometers out there. However, if your plan to grow plants inside a greenhouse, one of the essential tools is a max/ min greenhouse thermometer. As the name implies, the device registers the lowest temperature during the biting cold when frost is a big concern and records the maximum temperature during the hot summer. But variations also exist regarding greenhouse thermometer. These are traditional or digital, wired, or wireless. So, what to pick?

Traditional vs. digital greenhouse thermometer

When people started using a thermometer to record the temperature inside the greenhouse, there was only one type of thermometer. The model was a mercury max min greenhouse thermometer. Inside the device, there was silvery-white color mercury.

However, mercury is a chemical element that is harmful to both humans and the environment. So, the use of mercury is discontinued, and manufacturers replace it(mercury) with another liquid. Unlike mercury, this liquid was blue colored and this was the classical greenhouse thermometer, which is easy to use. Also, a traditional type is inexpensive.

On the other hand, the digital type is superior to traditional type because they record temperature more accurately even though they are a bit expensive. So, people started to use the digital type more, and the classical type become outdated.

Wired vs wireless system

The unique feature of a wired greenhouse thermometer is that a sensor is attached to the wire of the device. The model is cheaper than a wireless version. However, if you are looking for a high-end product, a wireless model is better than that of a wired device. The main difference between a wireless unit and a wired unit is that in the case of the former, a sensor is not attached to the wire. So, it does not matter whether the wire of the version(wireless) is short or too thin, causing it to snap easily.

The biggest advantage of using a wireless version is you can monitor the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse 24/7 remotely from your smartphone. In addition, you will get email and text alert when the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse get higher that causes damage to your vegetables and plants. The wireless version of the tool becomes quite handy when you plant something new.

So, what factors need to consider to pick the best greenhouse thermometer?

Finding a perfect greenhouse gardening tool, for example, a greenhouse thermometer is difficult because several brands are available in the market. However, we have identified below the criteria that you need to take into account in your hunt for the best greenhouse thermometer. These are as follows

  • Digital display of min, max, and current temperature
  • Wall-mounted
  • Large and easy to read clear display
  • Easy to reset temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

Highly sensitive when it comes to the accurate recording of the temperature. In other words, it can record temperature accurately ranging from -10 to 40 °C.


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