The white brick wall is an inexpensive but one of the most attractive ways for interior decoration. It is so versatile while the charm it adds to the interior space hard to miss.

Interior designers have begun to use the brick for home decoration more and more. The exposed white brick wall creates a versatile design. It looks like a unique element for someone while for someone it seems eccentric. Whatever perspective you would see, you cannot ignore its excellent appearance.

In term of making old homes presentable in different ways, exposed brick wall idea came up in the mind of interior experts in ‘90s. Exposed brick walls add beauties in a home like new wine in an old bottle. It adds a sophisticated look to the home. One of the most famous shooting places in Italy is designed with exposed brick houses. It creates a view of old but elegant and aristocratic view to the viewers.

White brick wall eliminates to maintain the outlook of the wall inexpensive ways. However, it is not just famous interior look for cheapness but the charm and sophisticated appearance it makes. In this article, I am going to tell unique ideas of how you can decorate your home with the white brick wall.

White brick wall ideas

Here are some stunning ideas you are going to love… Style your home interior with white brick wall ideas.

For the bedroom

A bedroom is a place for relaxation and sleep. Most people focus on living room and forget to decor bedroom wall elegantly.

  • Make your bedroom look classier with a single white brick wall.
  • You can enhance it more using the wooden frame for the bed.
  • In addition to concrete floors, bold typography prints add more elegance.

You make your bedroom look modern and more furnished by using a textured white brick to line its wall. Why don’t you some black bedroom pendant lighting and a navy duvet mark out focal points to make it appear more relaxing?

For Living Room

The living room is the main focus of everyone in the decor. Add a white brick wall background in your living room.

  • It will make look it more modern and more beautiful.
  • You can even add black and white brick wall with the addition of grey to look more sophisticated.
  • Black furniture in front of or near the white brick wall can create an additional elegance.

Exposed bricks don’t need to be always red. Because of its color contrast and texture, black furniture combination will stun the interior look.

For Kitchen

For Kitchen2For the kitchen, interior outlook rustic design caught the eye of modern interior experts. It will add charm while making the environment more peaceful.

  • Addition of white brick textured wall will add more purity in the look.
  • To add more, you can place a white, marble counter in front of it.
  • A stainless steel sink will more modernize the look.

However, you can use the white brick wall to hold spices and fresh herbs to give the wall more natural and rustic appearance. Add a colorful picture rather than leaving it bare that make some effect on the look.

For loft

Now a day, white brick walls have become more popular for lofts.

  • Add a glass door and several windows to make the loft appear unique.
  • You can have a brick wall on one side of the loft while decor the other side of the loft with a textured wall.

Texturing like this will enhance the overall appearance of it by creating structural balance.

Things you can do with the white brick wall

Give an Industrial flair

You can add some modern appearance to your white brick wall by adding painted brick a bit part of the white brick wall or adding a faux red brick wall to it. This looks more modern. To stun this look, add metal and wood furnishes. This will stand out the industrial look of your loft.

Why don’t make it colorful

White wall bricks will add a classy look. But why don’t use some colors on it? Paint a portion of them with some pop color. Or make the whole wall textured designed with mixing up white with another color.

Like a chessboard texture

You can design the wall like a cross board by painting crinkled texture with black paint. It will make the interior look more playful and classic.

Make a more rustic look

White brick wall panels add more to the rustic look as the backdrop for pastel decor and fresh herbs or other accents. This is a simple interior décor for a modern kitchen.

Make it more lighten

A white brick wall or a white brick texture can achieve the more lightening effect by adding white pendant light and a white dining set. It will enhance the brightness of the room.

Make it more lustrous

Add some spotlight on the interiors with the white brick walls and textures. This will create the contrast. You can even use greys and browns as rich tones for creating depth.

Go with exposed white brick wall and make your household more classy. If you do not have exposed walls, you can use the faux white brick wall for making it artificially. However, adding a white brick wall to household makes the interior look more appealing. You can even use white brick wallpaper. It may be the easiest approach ever. But faux brick panels gives a whitewashed or painted brick look. You can make it like whatever you want or leave it bare.

Perfect match of furniture and flooring can add additional elegance. The bedroom looks more peaceful and relaxing with it. Placing the bed alongside the single brick wall will make it more perfect. Adding white brick wall at the loft has become a common trend now while adding a white or metallic counterpart with the white brick wall at the kitchen add a classic and rustic view. Living space can just look stunning with it. Add some brightness and contrast to it.

Exposed brick wall

The exposed brick wall will add a different atmosphere to the interior depending on the style of your home. Different colored bricks add different additions to the home look. Red colored bricks add cooler modern atmosphere while painted white brick adds warmer and harmonious look to interiors.

White brick wall interior look is so versatile than even you can think of. You can make a variation in the look of your home with just a bit change. Make it more playful with painting. Add some colorful pictures or paintings on the bare wall. These will make it more eye-catching. How about adding a famous “Mona Lisa” on it…? With the addition of the spotlight, the interior space will look more romantic. Lighten or go for a metallic appearance. In every addition, it will make your house space stunning.

Faux white brick wall

Faux white brick wallFaux white brick wall is a good alternative to the real exposed white brick wall. If you do not have exposed walls, you can use the faux white brick wall for making it artificially. It will give a the whitewashed or painted brick look. It’s not possible to make a real brick wall while you rent a house. A faux brick wall is your solution to make the brick wall at a lower price.

You can buy faux white brick wall from stationaries or home depot. You can even make it on your own.

How to DIY a faux white brick wall?

  • At first, take your faux paneling.
  • Ensure all the sheets are going the same way. It is necessary for lining up the bricks while installing.
  • Take measure of windows or outlets if any.
  • After that, you need to mark all of the areas on the back of the paneling.
  • Now, drill pilot holes.
  • Then you should use a jigsaw to cut all of the openings out.
  • After that, you need some liquid nails to spread on the back of the paneling.
  • Use an air nailer to secure them.
  • Now it’s time to add the brick texture after all of the paneling is placed. Apply the mixture of adhesive on the bricks. Don’t apply it on the grout line.
  • Let the bricks dry for one day or 24 hrs.
  • Then apply the second coating to touch up.
  • After that let it dry for 24 hrs.
  • Now, it’s time to paint. Use a regular 1/2″ nap roller to paint the newly textured paneling with white paint
  • Let it dry.
  • Finally, your white faux brick wall is ready.
  • This process of dying white faux brick wall is easy and inexpensive.

Faux brick panels can highlight a certain architectural feature such as an archway. You can use this for an entryway or any other space that has an interesting layout or architectural element.

Tips to consider

White is a brilliant color for decorating household. But it needs proper maintenance to keep its charm for a long time. Before, you décor your interior space you must consider several facts.

Cleaning and maintenance tips

  • Paint on bricks is quite permanent. If you renovate your old house with a white brick wall. Consider the fact that restoration of natural brick color is quite complex.
  • Ensure your wall that you are planning to renovate with the white brick wall is free of water damage. Before going on the painting, you must check out damp spots, peeling paint, etc.
  • Also, check out for cracks. Repair if there any of them. Before applying the primer, you need to remove dust, dirt, efflorescence, etc.
  • When it comes to something white, keep it clean.

Decoration Tips

  • Add some metal and glass object if you want a more industrial look.
  • And to make it look more spacious use white or gray furniture.
  • Try fabric or match with the contrast of the wall while choosing a curtain for the room.
  • Add lightning to make an effect on your white brick wall.
  • Some green interior plants will be helpful to add a rustic and relax view.

Whatever decoration you make with the white brick wall, nothing is more important than keeping it clean. Only with regular maintenance, you can keep the white charm of your household for a long period.


Coloring the white color brick wall partially with pop color or making it like a checkerboard is your choice. It is cheap and more versatile interior design ever. It will give you different looks with different additions. You can give your house a modern, rustic, eclectic or contemporary guise combining the correct selection of decor and furniture with its natural features.


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